2024 BMW i7 Review, Specs and Price

Discover the 2024 i7 xDrive60, boasting 536 hp & 318 miles range. Upgrade to the M70 trim for 650 hp & 1100 NM torque. Unleash power & performance!

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2024 BMW i7

In a class of its own, electric powertrains find their perfect match in the realm of large luxury cars—a fact beautifully demonstrated by the 2024 BMW i7. This exceptional vehicle embraces a potent EV powertrain, whose nearly silent operation complements the serene ambiance that luxury enthusiasts crave. The marriage of a smooth ride and a roomy cabin adorned with premium materials truly justifies the i7's price point.

Catering to the tech-savvy, this model boasts an array of digital displays and even offers an optional retractable theater system for rear-seat passengers.

Under the hood of the i7 xDrive60 variant lies a commanding 536 horsepower, coupled with an impressive driving range of up to 318 miles. For those seeking an extra dose of performance, the M70 trim elevates power to an astounding 650 hp, all while maintaining a range of approximately 295 miles.

Additionally, a rear-wheel-drive eDrive50 model is available, poised to deliver the most extensive driving range among its siblings. These range figures not only rival competitors like the Porsche Taycan and Tesla Model S but also underscore the i7's distinctive allure: a luxurious experience of unparalleled opulence that sets it apart from the rest.

What's new for 2024 BMW i7?

· BMW introduces new additions to the i7 lineup for 2024: the M70 with 650 horsepower and the eDrive50 with 449 horsepower.

· The M70 model boasts a powerful electric powertrain capable of accelerating the sedan to 60 mph in an impressive 3.5 seconds.

· Despite the exhilarating performance, the M70 maintains an estimated driving range of around 295 miles per charge.

· The eDrive50 variant utilizes a single rear-mounted motor, though performance and range details are still pending from BMW.

· Aside from these new models, the i7 is expected to remain largely unchanged in the upcoming year.

Two toned 2024 BMW i7
Two toned 2024 BMW i7

2024 BMW i7 Specifications

BMW i7 Exterior Design

the design of the fresh 7 Series and its electric sibling, the i7. Visually, they are almost identical, with the i7 showcasing distinctive blue accents to signify its electric nature. The lineup includes two trim options: M Sport and Excellence. M Sport features more aggressive bumpers and darker trim elements, while Excellence embraces silvery details. The rear design exudes a dynamic aura, marked by intricate shapes. On the sides, the classic BMW 7 Series aesthetics prevail, characterized by a clean, slab-like profile.

The i7 incorporates the novel door handles akin to those on the iX model, activated by a discreet button press. The large alloy wheels, a true eye-catcher, contribute to the overall allure.

As we shift to the front, the most polarizing aspect unfolds – the prominent double kidney grille paired with split headlights, somewhat reminiscent of a Citroen Picasso. While opinions differ, this design approach, although bold, conveys a sense of aggression, particularly accentuated in this black paint. It's worth noting that the primary target audience for this car, according to BMW, is the 38-year-old demographic in China. Therefore, the design reflects this specific market's preferences.

BMW i7 Power and Range

· i7 M70's rear motor is 25.5% more power-dense than standard i7, resulting in 650 hp and 748 lb-ft of torque in Sport mode

· M70 accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds with launch control

· Standard i7 xDrive60 delivers 536 horsepower and 549 lb-ft of torque, achieving 0-60 mph in 4.3 seconds

· Base i7 offers a range of 296 to 318 miles per charge, dependent on wheel and tire choice

· New 2024 i7 M70 model also offers a range of around 295 miles per charge

· All i7 variants feature a battery pack with 101.7 kWh usable capacity

· Both i7 versions can charge at up to 195 kW on a DC fast charger

 2024 BMW i7 interior
 2024 BMW i7 interior

BMW i7 Interior

The interior of the i7 reflects its premium status, owing to its association with the 7 Series and its higher price tag. The cabin exudes genuine luxury, with a handsome design complemented by high-quality materials across all surfaces. Leather and the available cashmere seating surfaces enhance the luxurious atmosphere, although a wider use of premium fabric interiors would be appreciated. Some glossy interior trim, however, can lead to light reflection under bright sunlight.

The driver-centric dashboard features a striking arrangement of two large screens situated under a single curved glass panel. BMW's latest infotainment system introduces an array of additional features compared to the outgoing version. In the M70 model, the system receives distinct designs to impart a sportier appearance and feel, evident through M-specific performance pages and unique gauges on the instrument cluster.

Despite these advancements, one significant drawback in the i7's interface (as well as other BMWs using iDrive 8) is its lack of intuitive usability. Fortunately, BMW appears to acknowledge this concern and is introducing the M70 with the updated iDrive 8.5. This version introduces "Quick Select" a function resembling a smartphone's home screen to simplify the functions, aiming to offer a more focused and assured driving experience selection of various.

The rear seat is notably impressive, especially when outfitted with the sizable 31-inch, 8K rear entertainment screen incorporating Amazon Fire TV. While the screen's resolution is commendable, its ultra-wide aspect ratio doesn't align with typical movie or television dimensions, leading to either cut-off or letterboxed images. Curiously, the wide screen only accommodates playing one content at a time, unlike systems capable of displaying two simultaneously.

The lowered entertainment screen obstructs the driver's rear view, lacking a digital rearview mirror. Nonetheless, the "Theater mode" feature, where rear shades rise and the screen lowers, evokes the ambiance of a movie theater experience.

As BMW's largest sedan, the i7 naturally offers ample space in both front and rear rows. The rear passenger on the right side can utilize a touchpad built into the door to move the front passenger seat forward, allowing for added stretching room. With the appropriate package, the rear seat can nearly be reclined flat, enhancing passenger comfort.

BMW i7 Technology

  • The i7 adopts the digital dashboard design from the iX SUV, incorporating sizable floating digital gauge and infotainment displays.

  • These displays are arranged under a single glass panel, providing a seamless and clear view of both driving-related information and entertainment features.

  • Additionally, an optional rear-seat entertainment system is offered, showcasing a massive 31.3-inch screen that descends from the ceiling.

  • The rear-seat entertainment system can connect to streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube via the vehicle's 5G cellular connection.

  • This feature allows passengers in the rear to enjoy a variety of entertainment options on the large screen while on the go.

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 2024 BMW i7 interior
 2024 BMW i7 interior

i7 xDrive60 Specs

  • Equipped with 20-inch wheels

  • Features adaptive LED headlights

  • Incorporates adaptive air suspension for improved ride comfort and handling, including adjustable ride height

  • Four-wheel steering enhances maneuverability at low speeds and stability at high speeds

  • Soft-close doors for added convenience

  • Panoramic sunroof with integrated LED lighting

  • Four-zone automatic climate control

  • Front seats with heating and ventilation

  • Heated steering wheel

Standard Tech Features:

  • 12.3-inch digital instrument panel

  • 14.9-inch touchscreen display

  • Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration

  • Built-in navigation system

  • Head-up display

  • Wireless charging pad

  • Bowers & Wilkins surround-sound audio system

Standard Advanced Driver Aids:

  • Forward collision warning with automatic emergency braking

  • Lane departure warning

  • Blind-spot warning and intervention

  • Adaptive cruise control

Available Packages and Options:

  • Driving Assistance Professional Package:

  • Lane keeping system

  • BMW's Highway Assistant for hands-free steering on select highways

  • Front cross-traffic warning

  • Parking Assistance Package:

  • Automated parking system

  • 360-degree camera system

  • Luxury Rear Seating Package:

  • Ventilated and massaging rear seats

  • Executive Package:

  • Crystal-style headlights

  • Automatic closing doors

  • Front massaging seats

  • Rear Executive Lounge Seating Package:

  • Power-reclining rear seats with footrest

  • Executive-style center console

  • Rear entertainment system with 31-inch screen

Stand-Alone Options:

  • Two-tone exterior paint

  • Upgraded Bowers & Wilkins sound system

  • Solar heat-reducing windows

 2024 BMW i7 front view
 2024 BMW i7 front view

BMW i7 M70 Specs

BMW M introduces a remarkable all-electric showcase vehicle, positioned at the pinnacle of the new BMW 7 Series lineup. The BMW i7 M70 xDrive combines electric versatility and performance, delivering an unparalleled driving experience in the luxury segment. This model boasts a distinctive dual-drive system with integrated units on both front and rear axles, setting new standards for dynamics.

Sporting Elegance and Dynamic Design

The i7 m70x Drive, characterized by M-specific design elements, leads the charge in usheringMa new era of all-electric luxury mobility. Its completely electric powertrain establishes it as the most powerful BMW M model with an electric drive system.

Dual electric motors, each positioned on the front and rear hubs, produce a remarkable combined output of 485 kilowatts (660 horsepower). A sophisticated six-stage design with a dual inverter underpins this impressive performance, allowing for exceptional power density and top-tier output, maintaining its potency even at high speeds.

BMW i7 M70 Performance and Acceleration

With a peak torque of 1050 newton meters (Nm) in Sport mode and up to 1100 Nm when utilizing M Launch Control or activating the M Sport Boost function, the BMW i7 M70 xDrive showcases extraordinary pulling power.

This electric powerhouse can accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour (62 mph) in a mere 3.7 seconds, solidifying its position as the fastest all-electric BMW M model. The maximum speed is electronically limited to 250 kilometers per hour (155 mph).

A Glimpse of the Future

The BMW i7 M70 xDrive Drive exemplifies a true masterpiece, hinting at even more captivating innovations to come in the near future. If you enjoyed this video, be sure to like and subscribe to the channel. Let's conclude by admiring the different views of this automotive masterpiece.

Innovative Performance

The BMW i7 M70 xDrive stands as a groundbreaking achievement, blending electrifying performance with luxurious elegance. Its all-electric setup, complemented by a dual electric motor configuration, sets the stage for exceptional power and dynamic capabilities. With impressive acceleration, cutting-edge technology, and unmistakable M-specific design cues, the i7 M 70 xDrive paves the way for the future of electric M models.

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Black  2024 BMW i7
Black  2024 BMW i7

BMW i7 Prices

  • eDrive50: $106,695

  • xDrive60: $125,195

  • M70: $169,495

Pinkywheels recommends xDrive60 model as this variant retains an ample 536-hp powertrain, ensuring spirited performance, and comes equipped with a comprehensive selection of sought-after features.

Driving the BMW i7

  • One of the most remarkable EV driving experiences available today

  • Offers exceptional luxury with a superior execution compared to competitors

  • Impressive driving dynamics with a touch of fun

  • Rolls-Royce level of comfort and quietness

Assisted Driving and Technology

  • Efficient mode turns off Hans Zimmer noises

  • Gorgeous head-up display enhances the experience

  • Engaging sport mode showcases mechanical grip and power

  • Adaptive cruise control and lane-change assistance

  • Assist Plus system on the highway provides hands-free steering

Comfort and Luxury

Interior and Controls

  • Inputs, from the turn signal stock to steering and shifter, are well-executed

  • Some haptic buttons are challenging to see in bright daylight

  • Crystal display might be overwhelming initially but becomes familiar

  • Bowers & Wilkins sound system delivers impressive audio quality

  • Seats with vibration feature enhance the experience

Driving Modes and Dynamics:

  • Sport mode offers a thrilling driving experience

  • Brake pedal tuning is well-done

  • Regenerative braking adjusts based on surroundings

  • Quick acceleration with instant throttle response

BMW i7 Safety Features

  • The i7 offers a comprehensive set of driver-assistance features as standard, with the option to upgrade to more advanced technologies.

  • Optional features encompass a hands-free driving mode suitable for highway use and a parking assistant system that enables remote parking via a smartphone app.

  • Key safety features expected to be included are:

  • Standard automated emergency braking with pedestrian detection

  • Standard lane-departure warning with lane-keeping assist

  • Available adaptive cruise control with a semi-autonomous driving mode

BMW i7 Warranty

  • The i7 shares the same warranty coverage as BMW's other electric models, such as the iX SUV and i4 sedan.

    Standard warranty includes:

  • Four years or 50,000 miles of limited coverage

  • Four years or 50,000 miles of powertrain coverage

  • Eight years or 100,000 miles of coverage for electric vehicle components

  • Complimentary maintenance plan covering three years or 36,000 miles for all new BMWs

 2024 BMW i7 sideways view
 2024 BMW i7 sideways view

Pros and Cons: 2024 BMW i7


  1. Front Boot Design: The car has a sizable front boot due to no internal combustion engine, but the design isn't optimized, lacking practicality.

  2. Complex Controls: BMW made controls more intricate, like altering adaptive cruise distance or regen levels, requiring several steps.

  3. Inconvenient Blinds: Adjusting window blinds is overcomplicated, involving navigating through menus rather than a simple switch.

  4. Cinema Screen's Rear Visibility: The large cinema screen in the back seat obstructs the rearview mirror, impacting rear visibility.

  5. Ultrasonic Sensors' Appearance: Ultrasonic sensors for driver assistance systems appear bulky and unattractive on the door handles and sills.


  1. Exposed Reversing Camera: A button inside the cabin triggers a self-cleaning mechanism for the reversing camera, preventing muck accumulation.

  2. Slim i7 Battery Design: Despite being electric, the i7 maintains the same seating position as the 7 Series due to the slim battery pack.

  3. Automated Parking Recall: The car remembers your parking maneuvers, allowing it to recreate the path autonomously.

  4. Driver Assistance Sensors: Ultrasonic sensors aid driver assistance features, even though their appearance is less appealing.

  5. Boost Mode Button: A "Boost" button temporarily increases the horsepower to its full potential, adding an exciting performance element.


How much will the BMW i7 cost?

starting from $106,695

The 2024 BMW i7 comes in three variants: eDrive50: $106,695, xDrive60: $125,195, and M70: $169,495. Prices may vary based on optional features and packages.

Is the BMW i7 fully electric?

Yes, the BMW i7 is fully electric, representing BMW's commitment to sustainable mobility with zero-emission driving.

Is the BMW i7 fast?

0-60 mph in 3.6 seconds

BMW i7 achieves 0-60 mph in 3.6 seconds with top speed of 155 mph.

How long does BMW i7 battery last?

The battery life of the BMW i7 can vary depending on driving conditions and usage. However, BMW engineers their electric vehicles for competitive ranges. Expect the i7 to offer a range of approximately 318 miles on a single charge, providing ample driving capability for daily use.


the BMW i7 leaves a mixed impression with its distinctive design choices that evoke questions. Yet, the car shines brightly in various facets, delivering awe-inspiring features that captivate the attention. However, it's worth noting that navigating through certain aspects of the vehicle might feel a bit overwhelming, especially given the abundance of technology.

The driving experience necessitates a familiarity with settings and menus, but the rewards are great, as the car offers a satisfying and impressive performance. Notably, the steering, luxurious feel, and modern design interpretation leave a lasting impact, supported by the electric powertrain's quiet operation and efficient charging capabilities.

The BMW i7's competitive edge becomes apparent as it provides remarkable features at a fraction of the cost of high-end rivals, reflecting the commendable direction that BMW is taking with its electric vehicles. Despite its tech-heavy interior, some users might yearn for more physical controls. Nevertheless, the interior ambiance, including the sunroof, ambient lighting, and comfort features, contributes to a welcoming and pleasant environment.

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