2024 Chevy Suburban Z71 Review, Specs and Price

2024 Chevy Suburban Z71 4WD comes with 5.3L V8 Gasoline engine and 10-Speed Auto transmission. A more powerful 6.2L V8 engine comes as optional.

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2024 Suburban Z71 review
2024 Suburban Z71 review

2024 Chevy Suburban Z71 Review

The 2024 Chevy Suburban Z71 emerges as a distinguished blend of rugged sophistication, presenting a compelling option for enthusiasts seeking both style and off-road prowess. Priced at $71,295 and readily available at Chevy dealerships, the Suburban Z71 captivates with its striking Sterling gray exterior, enhanced by the Z71 package's blacked-out elements, tow hooks, and skid plate protection. This SUV commands attention on the road, measuring 225.7 inches in length, 75.7 inches in height, and boasting a maximum width of 81.1 inches, all riding on a 134.1-inch wheelbase.

The interior witnesses a significant evolution, expanding both cargo and passenger space. Noteworthy features include sliding second-row seats and a cargo area enlarged by 23 cubic feet, totaling an impressive 145 cubic feet. Technological enhancements, such as wireless phone charging, an enlarged head-up display, and an optional rear-seat entertainment system with 12.6-inch screens, underscore the Suburban's commitment to modern convenience.

Under the hood, the Suburban Z71 offers a choice between a standard 5.3L V8 Gas engine and an optional 6.2L V8, both mated to a 10-Speed Automatic transmission and Four-Wheel Drive drivetrain for a dynamic driving experience. With competitive fuel efficiency, robust safety features, and Chevy's comprehensive warranty and maintenance offerings, the 2024 Suburban Z71 stands as a compelling, well-rounded SUV catering to the diverse needs of today's drivers and families.

2024 Suburban Z71 Price

· 2024 Chevy Suburban Z71 is priced at $71,295.

2024 Suburban Z71 Release Date

· Available at your nearest Chevy dealership.

2024 Suburban Z71 Specs

Suburban Z71 Exterior

The exterior of the Chevrolet Suburban Z71 is a striking blend of rugged sophistication, featuring a captivating Sterling gray color that enhances its presence on the road. The Z71 package adds a distinctive touch with blacked-out elements, including the iconic Suburban signature headlight design shared with the Tahoe. The front grille proudly displays the Z71 badge, signaling its off-road prowess.

The SUV stands out further with tow hooks, skid plate protection, and a commanding front profile, creating an appearance reminiscent of a high-performance off-road vehicle. The 20-inch wheels, wrapped in 275/60R20 tires, contribute to both the Suburban's robust aesthetic and its capability on various terrains.

Moving to the rear, the Z71 badge is prominent on the fender, complemented by blacked-out window trims and sleek tail lights. The key fob allows convenient access to the spacious rear storage area, showcasing one of the Suburban's practical advantages over its counterparts.

Overall, the exterior design reflects a perfect fusion of style and functionality, making the Suburban Z71 a standout choice for those who seek a vehicle that exudes both rugged appeal and refined aesthetics.

Suburban Z71 Dimensions

Exterior dimensions:

  • Length: 225.7 inches

  • Height: 75.7 inches

  • Max Width: 81.1 inches

  • Wheelbase: 134.1 inches

Suburban Z71 colors

9 Exterior color options are listed below:

  • Black

  • Dark Ash Metallic

  • Empire Beige Metallic

  • Iridescent Pearl Tricoat

  • Midnight Blue Metallic

  • Radiant Red Tintcoat

  • Silver Sage Metallic

  • Stirling Grey Metallic

  • Summit White

2024 Suburban Z71 Interior
2024 Suburban Z71 Interior

Suburban Z71 Interior

In a noteworthy evolution from its predecessor, the Chevrolet Suburban demonstrates a substantial expansion in both cargo and passenger space. The second and third rows have been generously augmented, providing occupants with a couple of additional inches of legroom. Notably, the second-row seats boast a versatile sliding feature, allowing for customizable fore and aft adjustments to optimize space utilization.

Cargo Area Reinvented:

The Suburban's cargo area undergoes a remarkable transformation, expanding by an impressive 23 cubic feet, resulting in a grand total of 145 cubic feet. This expansion is attributed to the implementation of an independent rear suspension, which not only contributes to the increased cargo volume but also yields a flatter and lower load floor. This redesign enhances the overall practicality of the Suburban, catering to the diverse needs of its users.

Upgraded Features and Options:

Building upon its well-established features, the Suburban introduces several upgrades to elevate the driving and riding experience. Familiar options, such as wireless phone charging and heated-and-ventilated seats, maintain their popularity. However, notable enhancements include a more expansive head-up display, providing drivers with a larger and more comprehensive view of critical information while minimizing distractions.

Innovative Design Choices:

The integration of an independent rear suspension not only impacts the cargo area but also contributes to an overall smoother ride. The Suburban's commitment to innovation is evident in the thoughtful design choices that prioritize both passenger comfort and cargo flexibility.

Suburban Z71 Technology and Infotainment

Elevating the driving experience, an optional rear-seat entertainment system boasts two impressive 12.6-inch screens, strategically placed for an immersive viewing experience. The commitment to connectivity is evident throughout the cabin, with abundant charging ports ensuring every passenger stays charged and connected. A Wi-Fi hotspot further transforms the Suburban into a mobile connectivity hub, catering to the needs of all occupants.

Z71 trim adopts an easy-to-use 10.2-inch touchscreen. This larger interface, equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capability, ensures seamless integration with smartphones, providing passengers with personalized and connected journeys. The Suburban isn't just a means of transport; it's a mobile entertainment and connectivity hub for the modern family.

Suburban Z71 Engine

The Chevrolet Suburban offers a choice between two robust engine options to power its performance on the road. The standard configuration includes a 5.3L V8 Gas engine, delivering a horsepower of 355 at 5600 rpm and a torque of 383 lb-ft at 4100 rpm. For those seeking an additional power boost, an optional 6.2L V8 engine is available.

Suburban Z71 Transmission

Ensuring a seamless and dynamic driving experience, the Suburban is equipped with a 10-Speed Automatic transmission. This transmission setup optimizes the vehicle's performance, providing smooth transitions between gears for enhanced efficiency and responsiveness.

Suburban Z71 Performance

When it comes to tackling various terrains and challenging road conditions, the Suburban is well-equipped with a Four-Wheel Drive drivetrain. This drivetrain configuration enhances traction and stability, empowering the Suburban to navigate diverse landscapes with confidence and control.

Suburban Z71 0-60

· 2024 Z71 Suburban achieves 0-60 mph in approx. 6 seconds.

Suburban Z71 Top Speed

· 2024 Z71 Suburban’s top speed is limited at 113 mph.

Suburban Z71 Towing Capacity

· 2024 Z71 Suburban’s towing capacity is 8000 pounds.

Suburban Z71 Fuel Economy

EPA estimates:

  • Combined: 16 MPG

  • City: 15 MPG

  • Highway: 19 MPG

2024 Suburban Z71 Review
2024 Suburban Z71 Review

Suburban Z71 Safety

Standard and optional safety features for 2024 Z71 Suburban are:

  • Back-Up Camera: Standard

  • Cross-Traffic Alert: Optional

  • Rear Parking Aid: Standard

  • Blind Spot Monitor: Optional

  • Lane Departure Warning: Standard

  • Lane Keeping Assist: Standard

  • ABS (Anti-lock Braking System): Standard

  • Night Vision: Not Available

  • Tire Pressure Monitor: Standard

  • Brake Assist: Standard

  • Stability Control: Standard

  • Traction Control: Standard

Suburban Z71 Warranty

Chevrolet offers a robust warranty package, featuring both a competitive limited warranty and powertrain warranty. The limited warranty provides coverage for three years or 36,000 miles, ensuring customer confidence and peace of mind. Additionally, the powertrain warranty extends to five years or 60,000 miles, emphasizing Chevrolet's commitment to the durability of its vehicles.

In terms of complimentary maintenance, Chevrolet stands out among its competitors, second only to Toyota. The complimentary maintenance covers the first visit, further enhancing the value proposition for Chevy vehicle owners. With these comprehensive warranty and maintenance offerings, Chevrolet aims to provide a reliable and worry-free ownership experience.

Suburban Z71 vs RST

When comparing the Z71 and RST trims of the Chevrolet Suburban, it's evident that both offer robust engine options. The Z71 comes with a standard 5.3L V8 Gas engine and an optional 6.2L V8, while the RST provides the same options with an additional 3.0L Turbo Diesel for an extra $995. Both trims feature a 10-Speed Automatic transmission, ensuring a seamless and dynamic driving experience.

In terms of drivetrain, the Z71 boasts Four-Wheel Drive, enhancing traction and stability, while the RST opts for Rear-Wheel Drive. Fuel economy is similar in the city for both trims at 15 MPG, but the RST takes a slight lead on the highway with 20 MPG, compared to the Z71's 19 MPG.

Both trims share a spacious 8-seater capacity, a 28-gallon fuel tank, and a commendable maximum towing capacity, with the Z71 at 8,000 lbs and the RST slightly edging ahead at 8,300 lbs. Overall, whether prioritizing off-road capabilities with the Z71 or a diesel option with the RST, both trims deliver on performance and versatility.

Suburban Z71 Pros and Cons


  1. Distinctive Exterior Design: The Suburban Z71 stands out with its rugged yet sophisticated exterior, featuring a captivating Sterling gray color, blacked-out elements, and prominent Z71 badging.

  2. Spacious Interior: An evolution from its predecessor, the Suburban offers expanded cargo and passenger space. The second-row seats are versatile with a sliding feature, optimizing space utilization.

  3. Innovative Cargo Area: The cargo area is reinvented, expanding by 23 cubic feet to a total of 145 cubic feet. The independent rear suspension contributes to a flatter and lower load floor, enhancing practicality.

  4. Upgraded Technology: The Suburban Z71 introduces several technological upgrades, including an enlarged head-up display, wireless phone charging, and an optional rear-seat entertainment system with 12.6-inch screens.

  5. Powerful Engine Options: With a choice between a standard 5.3L V8 Gas engine and an optional 6.2L V8, the Suburban Z71 offers robust performance. The 10-Speed Automatic transmission and Four-Wheel Drive drivetrain enhance the driving experience.


  1. High Starting Price: The Suburban Z71's starting price of $71,295 positions it at a higher price point, potentially limiting accessibility for some buyers.

  2. Large Dimensions: While advantageous for cargo space, the Suburban's large dimensions may pose challenges in urban environments and tight parking spaces.

  3. Fuel Efficiency: With a combined fuel economy of 16 MPG, the Suburban Z71 may not be the most fuel-efficient option in its class.

  4. Limited Top Speed: The limited top speed of 113 mph may disappoint buyers seeking higher performance capabilities.

  5. Optional Safety Features: Some advanced safety features, such as the blind spot monitor and cross-traffic alert, are optional rather than standard.

2024 Suburban Z71 FAQs

  1. What is the price of the 2024 Chevy Suburban Z71?

    The starting price is $71,295.

    When will the Suburban Z71 be available for purchase?

    It is available at your nearest Chevy dealership.

    What are the exterior color options for the Suburban Z71?

    Options include Black, Dark Ash Metallic, Empire Beige Metallic, Iridescent Pearl Tricoat, Midnight Blue Metallic, Radiant Red Tintcoat, Silver Sage Metallic, Stirling Grey Metallic, and Summit White.

    How spacious is the interior of the Suburban Z71?

    The interior has significantly expanded cargo and passenger space, with sliding second-row seats.

    What technology features are available in the Suburban Z71?

    It features an optional rear-seat entertainment system, wireless phone charging, and an easy-to-use 10.2-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

    What engine options does the Suburban Z71 offer?

    It offers a standard 5.3L V8 Gas engine and an optional 6.2L V8.

    What is the towing capacity of the Suburban Z71?

    The towing capacity is 8300 pounds.

    What is the fuel economy of the Suburban Z71?

    Combined: 16 MPG, City: 15 MPG, Highway: 19 MPG.

    Are safety features like the blind spot monitor standard?

    The blind spot monitor is optional, not standard.

    What is the warranty coverage for the Suburban Z71?

    It includes a limited warranty (3 years/36,000 miles), powertrain warranty (5 years/60,000 miles), and complimentary maintenance for the first visit.


The 2024 Chevy Suburban Z71 emerges as a formidable choice for those seeking a harmonious blend of rugged elegance and off-road capability. With a commanding presence on the road, the Sterling gray exterior, blacked-out elements, and Z71 badging contribute to its distinctive aesthetic. The SUV's interior evolution, offering expanded cargo and passenger space, showcases a commitment to user comfort and practicality. Technological enhancements, powerful engine options, and a robust Four-Wheel Drive drivetrain underscore the Suburban Z71's commitment to a dynamic driving experience. While its starting price and large dimensions may pose considerations, the SUV excels in delivering a comprehensive package of style, innovation, and performance. With competitive warranty and maintenance offerings, the 2024 Suburban Z71 stands as a compelling choice in the SUV market, catering to the diverse needs of modern drivers and families.

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