2024 Honda Pilot Review, Specs and Price

2024 Honda Pilot with 24-valve V6 engine and 10-speed automatic transmission is the fourth-gen Pilot, launched in 2023.

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2024 Honda Pilot Release date
2024 Honda Pilot Release date

2024 Honda Pilot Review, Specs and Prices

In this detailed review, we're going to take a close look at the Honda Pilot, which is a midsize SUV loved by families for being practical, reliable, and having three rows of spacious seating. As we go through the information, we'll explore the new look on the outside, the features inside, how well it performs, and the overall experience of driving it. This will help us understand why the 2024 Honda Pilot stands out as a great option among family SUVs that are competing with each other.

The 2024 Honda Pilot stands out for its smooth handling on the road, a well-functioning 3.5 V-6 engine, and modern technology. These features make it a commendable choice in the category of mid-size crossover vehicles. However, it faces stiff competition from rivals like the Kia Telluride, Hyundai Palisade, and Jeep Grand Cherokee , all of which present comparable, and in some instances, more upscale packages.

2024 Honda Pilot Price

Trim-wise prices for the 2024 Honda Pilot are as follows:

  • LX: $38,465

  • Sport: $40,975

  • EX-L: $43,775

  • Touring: $48,275

  • TrailSport: $50,175

  • Elite: $53,855

Which One to Buy:

Pinkywheels recommends the Honda Pilot EX-L in 2024 for its balanced combination of price and features. The EX-L trim includes:

  • Leather seats

  • Bigger 9.0-inch touchscreen

  • Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

  • Wireless smartphone charging

  • Power tailgate

2024 Honda Pilot Release Date

· Available at your nearest Honda Dealership.

What’s new for 2024 Honda Pilot?

  • Same as year 2023

2024 Honda Pilot Specs

2024 Honda Pilot Exterior

Front Fascia: The 2024 Honda Pilot boasts a commanding front fascia, signaling a departure from its predecessor. The boxy grille, finished in gloss black with chrome accents, delivers a bold and modern appearance. LED headlights, standard on all trims, offer enhanced visibility, accompanied by LED daytime running lights and turn signal indicators. In higher trims, such as the EXL and above, a silver accent on the lower fascia adds a touch of sophistication.

Trail Sport Model: For off-road enthusiasts, the Trail Sport model introduces a rugged aesthetic, featuring extra ground clearance and real metal skid plates. This variant caters to those seeking adventure and durability.

Rear Design: The rear design maintains the robust theme with a sleek black finish. LED brake lights are standard, accompanied by incandescent elements for reverse lights and turn signal indicators. Faux exposed exhaust outlets, especially in higher trims, contribute to a sporty and dynamic look.

Wheel Options: Wheel choices include 18 or 20-inch alloys, with the latter reserved for specific trims like the Sport Touring and Elite. The 20-inch wheels exhibit a stylish contrast finish with gray and silver accents, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

Practical Features: Practical exterior features include power-folding mirrors and available blind-spot monitoring. The squared-off, boxy shape of the side profile not only contributes to the Pilot's distinctive appearance but also maximizes interior space.

Chrome Accents and Roof Rails: Chrome window surrounds and roof rails provide both an elegant finish and functional utility. These elements add a touch of sophistication to the exterior, complementing the overall design.

Overall Impression: The exterior design of the 2024 Honda Pilot successfully blends contemporary styling with utilitarian functionality. The careful attention to detail, from the distinctive front grille to the sporty rear elements, reflects Honda's commitment to rejuvenating the Pilot's appearance for a new generation of drivers.

2024 Honda Pilot Dimensions

Exterior dimensions are as follows:

Wheelbase: 113.8 in
Length: 200.2 in
Width: 78.5 in
Height: 72.0 in
Passenger Volume, F/M/R: 57/57/40 ft3
Cargo Volume, behind F/M/R: 87/49/19 ft3
Curb Weight: 4709 lb

2024 Honda Pilot Colors

The 2024 Honda Pilot is available in eight exterior color options.

  1. Crystal Black Pearl

  2. Diffused Sky Blue Pearl

  3. Lunar Silver Metallic

  4. Modern Steel Metallic

  5. Obsidian Blue Pearl

  6. Platinum White Pearl

  7. Radiant Red Metallic II

  8. Sonic Gray Pearl

2023 Honda Pilot Elite AWD
2023 Honda Pilot Elite AWD

2024 Honda Pilot Interior

  • Roomy and Practical Interior: The Pilot's interior boasts ample space, particularly in the first two rows, providing a practical and comfortable environment for passengers. Storage space is plentiful, contributing to an organized cabin.

  • Above-Average Visibility: In its class, the Pilot offers slightly above-average visibility, enhancing the overall driving experience. This is a notable feature that adds to the vehicle's practicality.

  • Intuitive Dashboard Design: The latest Pilot features a dashboard design with minimal buttons. Honda has strategically placed the most commonly used controls, avoiding burying them in a touchscreen menu. This design choice sets it apart from other SUVs in the market.

  • Easy Entry and Exit: Accessing the Pilot is effortless, with user-friendly buttons to release the second-row seats. The ease of operation is such that even children can activate these buttons. Additionally, the ample seat travel ensures comfortable third-row access for most adults.

  • Spacious Front and Second Rows: Front passengers enjoy a generous amount of space, while the second row is wide and accommodating, offering plenty of legroom. This contributes to a comfortable and enjoyable ride for occupants.

  • Competitive Third-Row Access: While the third row is accessible, competitors like the Kia Telluride and Volkswagen Atlas outshine the Pilot in this aspect. The Pilot may not offer the same level of comfort for adults in the third row due to a high floor and limited toe room under the second-row seats.

  • Considerations for Adult Passengers: Adults may start to feel cramped in the third row due to the high floor and minimal toe room. The positioning of the second-row seats can lead to knee discomfort for adults, distinguishing it from competitors with more favorable third-row configurations.

2024 Honda Pilot Cargo Space

· Flexible Cargo Features: The Pilot boasts versatile cargo features, making it an ideal choice for families. The 50/50-split third-row seats, though lacking power-folding, are easily released, creating a spacious rear area that, while not class-leading, is substantial. The elevated floor position facilitates effortless loading and unloading, allowing bulky items to slide in and out seamlessly.

· Convenient Small-Item Storage: Small-item storage in the Pilot stands out as one of its strengths. Front passengers benefit from an extra-large center console tray and box, accompanied by additional cubbies for smaller items. Both front and rear doors contribute to the abundance of storage with numerous trays, pockets, and cupholders for each seat, accommodating items as large as a 40-ounce water bottle.

2024 Honda Pilot Technology

· Abundance of Usable Tech Features: The Pilot incorporates numerous tech features that enhance the overall driving experience. However, it's noteworthy that, as a whole, the tech package is considered a half-step behind the current industry curve.

· 9-inch Infotainment System: The infotainment system, equipped with wireless phone connectivity, operates swiftly and boasts user-friendly navigation. Despite its efficiency, the 9-inch screen may feel somewhat undersized within the expansive cabin. The absence of the Accord's larger 12.3-inch screen is a missed opportunity for a more immersive display.

· Charging Convenience and Limitations: The Pilot provides ample charging options, including a wireless charging pad. Notably, there's only one USB-C port available, while the remaining ports are the less powerful USB-A type. This limitation may restrict options for devices, such as phones, tablets, and laptops, that rely on fast charging.

· Standard Driver Assist Features: Honda ensures the Pilot is well-equipped with standard driver-assist features. Lane-keeping assistance excels at keeping the car centered, even at low speeds. However, the adaptive cruise control, while smooth on freeways, exhibits less confidence in heavy traffic. Testing has revealed a sluggish response to sudden braking, necessitating driver intervention. Additionally, restarting after a brief stop requires prompting via a steering wheel button or accelerator pedal, offering marginal convenience.

2024 Honda Pilot Engine

· The Pilot is equipped with a 3.5-liter V-6 engine, delivering a robust 285 horsepower and 262 lb-ft of torque. Paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission, the powertrain ensures a smooth and responsive driving experience. While not designed for high-speed performance, the V-6 engine's linear throttle response contributes to an enjoyable ride.

· Drivetrain Options: While primarily a front-wheel-drive model, the Pilot offers the option for all-wheel drive, providing enhanced traction and control in various driving conditions.

· On-Road Experience: The Pilot exhibits refined on-road manners, featuring confidence-inspiring steering and braking. The 10-speed automatic transmission ensures seamless shifts, contributing to an overall comfortable driving experience.

· TrailSport Model Capability: The TrailSport variant of the Pilot demonstrates off-road capability, navigating moderately difficult terrains with ease. Specifically designed features include a 1.0-inch lift suspension, steel skid plates, all-terrain tires, a hill-descent control system, and a specially tuned all-wheel-drive system with a Trail driving mode. While not intended for extreme rock-crawling scenarios, the Pilot TrailSport excels in handling real-world off-road trails.

2024 Honda Pilot Towing Capacity

  • All-wheel-drive models: 5000 pounds

  • Front-wheel drive Pilots: 3500 pounds

2024 Honda Pilot Performance

Driving the Honda Pilot is a journey filled with contrasts and surprises. The V6 engine growls with a snarly enthusiasm, promising a spirited ride when you press the gas pedal. However, the reality of acceleration is only moderately thrilling, clocking in at an average 0-60 mph run of 7.4 seconds on the test track.

The transmission, while diligent, tends to be overly active, particularly in urban settings. This characteristic contributes to the Pilot's eager disposition, responding sensitively to even the slightest tap on the gas pedal during acceleration from a standstill. While braking is a smooth affair, the pedal's soft and numb feel raises concerns, and emergency stopping distances were noted to be on the longer side.

For families with a zest for adventure, the Pilot TrailSport emerges as a standout choice among three-row crossovers, particularly for light off-road escapades. Its heightened ground clearance opens up new possibilities, offering a capability that extends beyond the asphalt. The all-wheel-drive system not only enhances traction on challenging terrains but also adds a layer of agility to the Pilot's handling around corners.

Despite these off-road prowess, the Pilot's steering falls short in delivering a tangible connection with the road. Light and lacking in feedback, it leaves drivers somewhat disconnected from the driving experience, offering little insight into the nuances of the terrain beneath the wheels. The Pilot, in its TrailSport guise, beckons those seeking a blend of family practicality and off-road potential, creating a ride that's as varied as the landscapes it may encounter.

2024 Honda Pilot 0-60

· 2024 Honda Pilot achieved 0-60 mph in 7.4 seconds

2024 Honda Pilot Models

The 2024 Honda Pilot, a versatile three-row SUV accommodating up to eight passengers, offers six trim levels tailored to diverse preferences. The following is a detailed overview of each trim's notable features:

2024 Honda Pilot LX

  • Performance: 3.5-liter V6 engine (285 horsepower, 262 lb-ft)

  • Transmission: 10-speed automatic

  • Drivetrain: Front-wheel drive (All-wheel drive comes as optional)

Key Features:

  • 18-inch alloy wheels

  • LED headlights

  • Keyless entry (front doors)

  • 7-inch touchscreen

  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration

  • Tri-zone climate control

Safety Focus:

  • Honda Sensing suite (Forward collision warning, Lane departure mitigation, Driver attention warning, Adaptive cruise control, Lane centering system)

2024 Honda Pilot Sport

  • Building on LX, Sport adds:

  • 20-inch wheels

  • LED foglights

  • Remote engine start

  • Leather-wrapped steering wheel

  • Power-adjustable, heated front seats

  • Blind-spot warning with rear cross-traffic warning

2024 Honda Pilot EX-L

  • Enhancements over Sport:

  • 18-inch wheels

  • Programmable power liftgate

  • Leather-trimmed upholstery

  • Optional second-row captain's chairs

  • 9-inch infotainment touchscreen

  • Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

  • Front and rear parking sensors

  • Front and rear low-speed automatic braking

2024 Honda Pilot TrailSport

  • Geared for Adventure:

  • Standard all-wheel drive

  • 18-inch wheels with all-terrain tires

  • Off-road-tuned suspension

  • Gloss black front grille

  • Surround-view camera system

  • Off-road stability management system

  • Underbody skid plates

  • Class III trailer hitch

  • Panoramic sunroof

  • Off-road recovery hooks

  • Heated steering wheel

2024 Honda Pilot Touring

  • Luxury Infusion:

  • 20-inch wheels

  • Hands-free power tailgate

  • Panoramic sunroof

  • Sound-reducing front windows and windshield

  • Ambient interior lighting

  • Navigation system

  • 12-speaker Bose audio system

  • Wi-Fi hotspot

2024 Honda Pilot Elite

  • Maximized Features:

  • Standard all-wheel drive

  • Surround-view camera system

  • Head-up display

  • Digital instrument panel

  • Ventilated front seats

  • Heated outboard second-row seats

  • Household-style power outlet

With this diverse array of trims, the 2024 Honda Pilot caters to a spectrum of preferences, from performance enthusiasts to those seeking a luxurious driving experience.

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2023 Honda Pilot Elite
2023 Honda Pilot Elite

2024 Honda Pilot Fuel Economy

EPA estimates:

· 18-20 mpg in City

· 25-27 mpg on highway

· 22-23 Combined

2024 Honda Pilot Safety Features

  • Comprehensive suite named Honda Sensing

  • Automated emergency braking with pedestrian detection (standard)

  • Lane-departure warning with lane-keeping assist (standard)

  • Adaptive cruise control (standard)

  • Additional features:

  • Blind-spot monitoring

  • Automatic high-beam headlamps

2024 Honda Pilot Warranty

  • Limited warranty: 3 years or 36,000 miles

  • Powertrain warranty: 5 years or 60,000 miles

  • Complimentary scheduled maintenance: 2 years or 24,000 miles

2024 Honda Pilot Pros and Cons


  1. Polished Road Manners: The 2024 Honda Pilot distinguishes itself with refined on-road manners, providing a comfortable and smooth driving experience.

  2. Seamlessly Operating V-6 Engine: The 3.5-liter V-6 engine offers a robust 285 horsepower, ensuring a responsive and enjoyable ride.

  3. Contemporary Technology: The Pilot incorporates modern technology features, enhancing the overall driving experience.

  4. Versatile Cargo Features: The Pilot boasts flexible cargo features, making it an ideal choice for families with an abundance of storage options.

  5. TrailSport Model: For off-road enthusiasts, the TrailSport model introduces rugged aesthetics and features catering to those seeking adventure and durability.


  1. Third-Row Comfort: The third-row may feel cramped for adults, and competitors like the Kia Telluride offer a more comfortable third-row configuration.

  2. Tech Package Slightly Behind: While the Pilot includes numerous tech features, its overall tech package is considered a half-step behind the current industry curve.

  3. Limited USB-C Ports: The presence of only one USB-C port may restrict charging options for devices that rely on fast charging.

  4. Adaptive Cruise Control Concerns: The adaptive cruise control may exhibit sluggish response in heavy traffic, necessitating driver intervention.

  5. Soft Brake Pedal: The soft and numb feel of the brake pedal raises concerns, and emergency stopping distances were noted to be on the longer side.

2024 Honda Pilot FAQs

Q: What is the starting price of the 2024 Honda Pilot?

  • The base LX trim starts at $38,465.

Q: Does the 2024 Honda Pilot have any major design changes from the previous model?

  • 2024 Honda Pilot is same as year 2023 model.

Q: How does the Honda Pilot TrailSport cater to off-road enthusiasts?

  • The TrailSport model features extra ground clearance, real metal skid plates, and other off-road-specific enhancements.

Q: What are the available exterior color options for the 2024 Honda Pilot?

  • The Pilot is available in eight exterior colors, including Crystal Black Pearl, Lunar Silver Metallic, and Radiant Red Metallic II.

Q: What is the towing capacity of the Honda Pilot with all-wheel drive?

  • All-wheel-drive models have a towing capacity of 5000 pounds.

Q: How does the Pilot's infotainment system perform?

  • The infotainment system is responsive and equipped with wireless phone connectivity, but some may find the 9-inch screen undersized.

Q: Are there any driver-assist features in the Honda Pilot?

  • Yes, the Pilot comes with standard driver-assist features, including lane-keeping assistance and adaptive cruise control.

Q: What is the fuel economy of the 2024 Honda Pilot?

  • EPA estimates range from 18-20 mpg in the city, 25-27 mpg on the highway, and 22-23 combined.

Q: How many trim levels does the 2024 Honda Pilot offer?

  • The Pilot offers six trim levels: LX, Sport, EX-L, TrailSport, Touring, and Elite.

Q: Does the Pilot have a spacious interior?

  • Yes, the Pilot's interior is roomy, with ample space in the first two rows and above-average visibility.

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