2024 Kia Carnival vs. 2024 Toyota Sienna Review

Discover the top features of 2024 Toyota Sienna vs. 2024 Kia Carnival. Uncover the best family minivan with in-depth insights on style, tech, comfort, and fuel efficiency.

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2024 Toyota Sienna vs. 2024 Kia Carnival
2024 Toyota Sienna vs. 2024 Kia Carnival

2024 Toyota Sienna vs. 2024 Kia Carnival – Comparison

2024 Sienna Platinum vs. 2024 Carnival SX Prestige

In a world where SUVs dominate the roads, minivans persist as stalwart options for families seeking spaciousness and comfort. Among the contenders vying for a spot in your driveway are the 2024 Toyota Sienna and the 2024 Kia Carnival. This comprehensive comparison aims to dissect every facet of these minivans, from their stylish exteriors to the tech-laden interiors, and help you decide which one aligns with your family's needs.


2024 KIA Carnival SX Prestige

  • MSRP: $49,000

  • MPG: City 19 MPG, Hwy 26 MPG

  • Seating: 7 - 8 seats

  • Cargo Space: 145.1 ft³

  • Engine: 290-hp, 3.5L V6

  • Transmission: Automatic

  • Drivetrain: Front Wheel Drive

  • Exterior Length: 203.0 in

  • Exterior Width: 78.5 in

  • Leg Room: Front 41.1 in, Rear 40.5 in

  • Head Room: Front 38.7 - 40.9 in, Rear 37.4 - 39.5 in

2024 Toyota Sienna Platinum

  • MSRP: $56,950

  • MPG: City 35 - 36 MPG

  • Seating: 7 - 8 seats

  • Cargo Space: 101.0 ft³

  • Engine: 245-hp, 2.5L 4-Cylinder Hybrid

  • Transmission: Continuously Variable

  • Drivetrain: All Wheel Drive, Front Wheel Drive

  • Exterior Length: 203.7 - 204.1 in

  • Exterior Width: 78.5 in

  • Leg Room: Front 40.3 in, Rear 39.9 in

  • Head Room: Front 40.1 in and 39.9 in


Setting the stage for our showdown, the pricing and trim levels play a pivotal role. The Sienna Platinum, with a hefty price tag of $56,950, faces off against the Carnival's SX Prestige, a more budget-friendly option at just under $49,000. The financial aspect introduces an intriguing dynamic that will be revisited later when evaluating overall value.

2024 Toyota Sienna vs. 2024 Kia Carnival
2024 Toyota Sienna vs. 2024 Kia Carnival

Exterior Design

In the realm of minivans, where practicality often trumps style, the 2024 Toyota Sienna and the 2024 Kia Carnival emerge as contenders seeking to redefine perceptions.

The Sienna, affectionately known as the Swagger Wagon, takes a departure from the traditional minivan aesthetic. It proudly embraces a stylish approach without attempting to emulate an SUV, setting it apart from its competitors. The exterior design of the Sienna is a testament to Toyota's commitment to breaking the minivan mold. While maintaining the signature van silhouette, the Sienna incorporates modern design elements, such as a bold front grille, dynamic LED headlights, and sleek lines that lend an air of sophistication.

On the other side of the ring, we have the 2024 Kia Carnival, which adopts a boxy SUV-like appearance. The Carnival's design leans towards a robust and functional aesthetic, with a large and upright grille commanding attention. The multi-part LED headlight arrangement adds a touch of contemporary flair, and the overall boxiness imparts a sense of utility that aligns with the SUV-inspired trend in the automotive industry.

Moving to the side profiles, both minivans defy the "mini" label, standing at over 203 inches in length. They surpass their SUV counterparts in size, promising potential buyers an abundance of interior space. The Sienna, however, introduces a nuance—opting for 19-inch alloy wheels, while the Carnival features 19-inch alloy wheels for a touch of modern elegance. A noteworthy consideration is the Sienna's wheel size reduction to 18 inches if opting for all-wheel drive, accompanied by chrome hubcaps.

Transitioning to the rear, the Carnival leans further into the SUV aesthetic with a boxy appearance. Subtle differences include a hidden rear wiper and more LED elements in the tail light cluster. Both minivans feature hidden exhaust outlets, contributing to a streamlined and polished rear profile.

In essence, while the Sienna brings a touch of swagger and a departure from the traditional minivan design, the Carnival embraces the SUV-like boxiness. Both designs have their merits, appealing to different tastes and preferences. The exterior design not only contributes to the visual identity of these minivans but also hints at the driving experience and functionality that awaits within.

Interior Features

Stepping into the realm where families spend countless hours, the interior of the 2024 Toyota Sienna and the 2024 Kia Carnival becomes a pivotal battleground for comfort, functionality, and design.

Toyota Sienna

The Sienna Platinum greets occupants with an array of high-end features. Real leather seats in a noble brown color exude a sense of luxury and sophistication. The choice of materials extends beyond aesthetics, with a mixture of leatherette, soft-touch plastics, and faux wood decor creating a premium feel throughout the cabin. Toyota goes the extra mile, padding key areas like the knee rests, adding a tactile layer of comfort.

In the Sienna's highest trim, the driver is treated to a full digital gauge cluster, a modern touch that enhances visibility and provides a customizable interface. The 7-inch multi-function display adds to the tech-savvy atmosphere, presenting vital information with clarity.

The Sienna also boasts an impressive array of storage solutions. The massive and versatile center console, coupled with a passenger storage shelf, caters to practical needs. The center pass-through adds to the Sienna's appeal for parents, offering additional convenience in storing snacks or diaper bags within arm's reach.

Kia Carnival

As for the Carnival SX Prestige, occupants are met with a choice between brown and gray leather seats. The 12-way power-adjustable front seats, along with heating, ventilation, and memory functions, underscore Kia's commitment to passenger comfort. The Carnival's interior combines leatherette, soft-touch plastics, and other materials to create a refined and comfortable atmosphere.

In the technology realm, the Carnival elevates the game with a 12.3-inch display, surpassing the Sienna in screen size. Integrated navigation, physical climate controls, and a 12-speaker audio system add to the tech-savvy ambiance. Kia's emphasis on connectivity is evident, with built-in intercom systems transmitting messages to the rear rows and a unique feature—a built-in spy camera for keeping an eye on rear passengers.

In essence, while the Sienna Platinum emphasizes a premium feel with real leather, faux wood decor, and a thoughtful array of storage options, the Carnival SX Prestige counters with a larger screen, an advanced audio system, and innovative features like the built-in intercom and spy camera. Both minivans cater to the needs of modern families but with distinct approaches.

2024 Toyota Sienna vs. 2024 Kia Carnival
2024 Toyota Sienna vs. 2024 Kia Carnival


As technology continues to shape the driving experience, the 2024 Toyota Sienna and the 2024 Kia Carnival step up to the plate, aiming to offer a blend of connectivity, entertainment, and safety features.

Toyota Sienna

The Sienna Platinum boasts a suite of tech features designed to enhance the driving experience. Smart entry key fobs with remote control features set the stage for convenience. The Sienna's tech arsenal includes a 9-inch display, integrated navigation, and a 12-speaker audio system that delivers solid audio quality for most families.

Safety doesn't take a backseat, with all active safety features included across all trims. Additionally, Toyota offers a unique advantage with complimentary maintenance for two years—a perk not often found in its class.

Kia Carnival

The Carnival SX Prestige, with its emphasis on innovation, introduces a 12.3-inch display for a more expansive visual interface. Integrated navigation, a 12-speaker audio system, and smartphone connectivity contribute to a robust tech suite.

Kia's commitment to family communication is evident through the built-in intercom system, allowing messages to be transmitted to the rear rows without raising voices. The Carnival goes a step further with a built-in spy camera, providing a visual check on rear passengers—an innovative feature that sets it apart.

Both minivans incorporate Auto-Dimming rearview mirrors, HomeLink remotes, and advanced driver-assistance features. However, the Sienna stands out with rain-sensing wipers and a large head-up display—a feature not available on the Carnival.

In summary, the Sienna offers a solid tech foundation with integrated navigation and safety features, while the Carnival prioritizes innovation, providing a larger display and unique communication and monitoring features. The tech offerings cater to families' diverse needs, whether it's seamless connectivity or enhanced safety features.

Ride Quality

Embarking on family journeys requires a minivan that excels in ride quality, providing a comfortable and smooth experience for all passengers. The 2024 Toyota Sienna and the 2024 Kia Carnival strive to meet this demand with their respective approaches to suspension and driving dynamics.

Toyota Sienna

The Sienna, often lauded for its exceptional ride comfort, lives up to its reputation. It gracefully absorbs road imperfections, ensuring a serene journey for occupants. The suspension system adeptly navigates all but the largest road anomalies, creating an environment conducive to relaxation and comfort.

Toyota's commitment to ride quality is palpable, making the Sienna one of the most comfortable vehicles in its class. The minivan glides over bumps with minimal intrusion into the cabin, allowing families to enjoy extended road trips without the usual fatigue associated with long drives.

Kia Carnival

The Carnival, too, stands as a testament to Kia's dedication to providing a comfortable ride. The suspension system adeptly handles various road surfaces, ensuring that occupants are shielded from the jolts and vibrations associated with less refined minivans.

Cruising down the highway in the Carnival is a delight, with the suspension system effectively isolating passengers from the irregularities of the road. Whether navigating city streets or embarking on a highway adventure, the Carnival delivers a smooth and enjoyable ride for families.

In essence, both the Sienna and Carnival excel in delivering a comfortable and smooth ride. Families can trust that these minivans will make every journey a pleasant and fatigue-free experience.

2024 Toyota Sienna vs. 2024 Kia Carnival
2024 Toyota Sienna vs. 2024 Kia Carnival

Fuel Economy

With the automotive landscape emphasizing fuel efficiency, the powertrain choices of the 2024 Toyota Sienna and the 2024 Kia Carnival play a crucial role in shaping the overall cost of ownership.

Toyota Sienna

  • MPG: 35-36 MPG

The Sienna takes a bold step by offering a hybrid-exclusive powertrain, featuring a 2.5L 4-cylinder engine. Despite having all-wheel drive, the Sienna manages to achieve an impressive 13 MPG combined rating more than the V6 Carnival. This hybrid setup not only contributes to a greener footprint but also results in notable savings at the pump over thousands of miles.

The Sienna's commitment to fuel efficiency positions it as a compelling choice for families aiming to minimize their environmental impact and reduce long-term fuel expenses.

Kia Carnival

  • MPG: City 19 MPG, Hwy 26 MPG

The Carnival, equipped with a traditional 3.5L naturally aspirated V6 engine, offers a tried-and-true powertrain experience. While not hybrid-exclusive, the V6 engine provides ample power, delivering a familiar and reliable driving experience.

However, in the realm of fuel efficiency, the Carnival trails behind the Sienna, making it important for potential buyers to weigh their preferences against long-term fuel savings.

In conclusion, the Sienna's hybrid setup offers a significant advantage in fuel efficiency, presenting a compelling case for eco-conscious families and those looking to minimize fuel expenses.

Pros and Cons

2024 Toyota Sienna:


  1. Hybrid Efficiency: The Sienna's hybrid-exclusive powertrain delivers impressive fuel efficiency, making it an eco-friendly choice for families.

  2. Exceptional Ride Comfort: Lauded for its remarkable ride quality, the Sienna provides a smooth and comfortable experience for all passengers.

  3. Toyota Reliability: Backed by Toyota's reputation for reliability, the Sienna offers peace of mind for long-term ownership.


  1. Higher Upfront Cost: The Sienna Platinum comes with a heftier price tag, potentially impacting the initial budget for families.

  2. Reduced Power Output: The hybrid setup, while efficient, results in slightly lower power compared to traditional V6 engines.

  3. Limited Screen Size: The 9-inch display in the Sienna might be considered smaller compared to competitors in the same class.

2024 Kia Carnival:


  1. Affordable Pricing: The Carnival SX Prestige provides a more budget-friendly option for families seeking a spacious minivan.

  2. Boxy SUV-like Design: The Carnival's exterior design aligns with the SUV trend, offering a distinct and robust appearance.

  3. Innovative Features: Kia introduces unique features like a built-in spy camera and an intercom system, enhancing family connectivity.


  1. Lower Fuel Efficiency: The V6 engine, while powerful, results in lower fuel efficiency compared to the Sienna's hybrid setup.

  2. Less Premium Interior: While comfortable, the Carnival's interior might be perceived as less luxurious due to material choices.

  3. Smaller Cargo Space: Despite its larger exterior, the Carnival has slightly less cargo space than the Sienna.


  1. Q: Does the Sienna come with all-wheel drive?

    Yes, the Sienna offers an all-wheel-drive option, providing enhanced traction and stability.

  1. Q: What is the fuel efficiency of the Sienna's hybrid powertrain in City?

    The Sienna achieves an impressive 35-36 MPG in city, making it a fuel-efficient choice for families.

  1. Q: Does the Carnival's intercom system work throughout the entire minivan?

    Yes, the Carnival's built-in intercom system transmits messages to all rows, ensuring clear communication.

  1. Q: Are both minivans equipped with rear seat entertainment?

    Yes, both the Sienna and Carnival offer rear seat entertainment options for passengers.

  1. Q: Does the Sienna's hybrid powertrain affect its acceleration?

    While slightly less powerful, the Sienna's hybrid setup provides adequate acceleration for everyday driving.

  1. Q: Are there any additional costs associated with the Sienna's complimentary maintenance?

    No, the Sienna's complimentary maintenance for two years comes at no extra cost, adding value for owners.

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