2024 KIA EV9 to cut your Energy costs

Kia EV9 a trailblazer in its class, this exceptional vehicle possesses an ability that promises substantial savings on owners' power bills.


Salman Chaudhary, Founder Pinkywheels.com

6/26/20233 min read

Kia EV9: The Revolutionary Electric SUV with Potential V2G Charging Capability

Introducing the Kia EV9, a groundbreaking seven-seat SUV that could potentially revolutionize the way we power our homes. As the first family electric SUV in Australia to offer vehicle-to-grid (V2G) charging capability, the Kia EV9 is set to make a significant impact on skyrocketing power bills. In this article, we explore the exciting features of this large all-electric SUV and its potential to provide sustainable energy solutions for households across the country.

1. V2G Charging Capability: Powering Homes for Days

The Kia EV9 is equipped with an impressive V2G charging capability, making it possible for the sizeable SUV to power Australian houses for extended periods. With one of the largest batteries ever fitted to an electric car, the EV9 offers the potential to provide electricity to homes, enabling owners to reduce reliance on the grid and potentially save on energy costs. Imagine buying electricity at off-peak rates and selling it back to the grid when prices are higher, all made possible by the Kia EV9's V2G technology.

2. Activation and Future Prospects

While the V2G capability will not be immediately activated in the EV9, Kia has future plans to enable this functionality via an over-the-air software update. The required hardware for V2G charging will be installed at the factory, ensuring that all EV9 models are equipped with the necessary components. However, regulatory approval and the involvement of a third-party service provider are essential prerequisites before activating the V2G feature. Once the service becomes available, all Kia EV9 owners will have the opportunity to benefit from this groundbreaking technology.

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3. The Potential of V2G Charging

Currently, the cost of adding a V2G box to a garage or house is approximately $10,000, presenting a significant investment for those considering V2G capabilities. However, the potential benefits are substantial. With a battery pack capacity of up to 99.8kWh, the EV9 can supply an average household with approximately three days of electricity, providing a reliable backup power source during emergencies or helping to reduce electricity bills during peak demand periods. Kia aims to standardize the V2G feature on all EV9 models, offering an innovative solution to power homes efficiently and sustainably.

4. Pioneering V2G Charging in Australia

The Kia EV9 is set to make history in Australia as the first car to offer V2G Charging capabilities with the commonly used CCS combo charging plug. Previously, the Nissan Leaf was the only electric vehicle with bidirectional charging functionality, utilizing the CHAdeMO charging plug. With the EV9's introduction, Kia is expanding the possibilities of bidirectional charging technology, making it more accessible to the wider market.

5. Exceptional Features and Model Grades

The Kia EV9 is the brand's most advanced and luxurious model to date. It will be available in three model grades: Air, Earth, and GT-Line. The entry-level Air model is expected to start at around $100,000 and features a single 169kW/350Nm motor, powered by a 76.1kWh battery pack. The mid-level Earth and flagship GT-Line models boast a dual-motor system, producing an impressive 283kW and up to 700Nm of torque. These models are equipped with a larger 98.1kWh battery, providing a driving range of approximately 470km. Prices for the EV9 are estimated to range up to $130,000, reflecting its advanced technology and premium features such as fingerprint recognition, advanced driver assist systems, and smartphone programming capabilities.

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The Kia EV9 represents a significant milestone in the electric vehicle industry, with its potential V2G charging capability and advanced features. While awaiting regulatory approval and third-party involvement, the EV9's V2G technology holds great promise for Australian households seeking sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions. With its arrival expected in the fourth quarter of 2023, the Kia EV9 is poised to transform the way we think about electric SUVs and their potential to power our homes efficiently and responsibly.

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