2024 MG4 EV Specs , Review and Price

2024 MG4 EV: Choose between two battery options - 51 kWh for 280-mile range with 170 HP or 61 kWh for 281 miles with 203 HP. Prices start from $34000 (USA).

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2024 MG 4 EV

MG Motor has developed an EV that is more advanced and premium than the MG ZS EV, the MG Mulan.

2024 MG4 EV Pricing

The MG4 is designed to provide an affordable option in the electric car market, offering excellent value for its features and performance. While pricing may vary depending on factors like trim levels and optional extras, the starting price for the MG4 is approximately $34,000. This competitive price point makes the MG4 an enticing choice for those looking to embrace electric mobility without breaking the bank. Additionally, potential savings and incentives may be available through various offers and promotions, making the MG4 even more accessible to a wide range of drivers.

MG4 Exterior Design

A Budget-Friendly Stunner

The MG exterior design defies expectations, showcasing a blend of style and affordability. In a world where electric cars often carry a hefty price tag, the MG4 stands out as a budget-friendly option that doesn't compromise on aesthetics.

A Sleek and Modern Silhouette

At first glance, the MG4 presents a sleek and modern silhouette that captures attention on the road. Its design, particularly the front end, exhibits a level of sophistication that you might not expect in this price range.

Trophy Version Elegance

For those opting for the Trophy version, a light bar adorns the front, adding a touch of elegance to the car's overall appearance. The roof spoilers on this model evoke a sense of high-end luxury, reminiscent of vehicles priced well above the MG4.

17-Inch Alloy Wheels: A Standard Delight

The MG4 comes standard with 17-inch alloys, a feature that may surprise budget-conscious buyers. While these wheels have a plastic cover that can be removed to reveal the alloy beneath, it's worth noting that they don't quite match the aesthetic appeal of the alloys found on some higher-priced competitors.

A View from All Angles

From the rear, the MG4 maintains its smart and polished look. The rear design complements the overall aesthetic, making it a well-rounded vehicle in terms of visual appeal.

Distinctive Features of the Trophy Version

On the Trophy version, you'll also notice distinctive daytime running lights, further enhancing the car's overall appeal. These small but impactful details contribute to the MG standout appearance.

MG 4 Interior Design

A Pleasant Surprise

The interior of the MG4 is a pleasant surprise, offering a well-thought-out design that balances aesthetics and functionality. This budget-friendly electric car boasts an interior that challenges preconceptions and delivers more than you might expect.

Dashboard: A Modern Focal Point

The dashboard takes center stage, featuring a large central screen that catches the eye. The design is modern and practical, creating an immediate sense of sophistication.

Driver-Centric Configuration

A significant feature of the interior is the driver-centric configuration. With a sizeable screen for the driver, the MG4 provides easy access to essential information while on the road.

Steering Wheel: A Modern Touch

The steering wheel adopts a two-spoke design, adding a modern touch to the cabin. It's a design choice that contributes to the overall contemporary feel of the interior.

Material Mix: Squidgy Surfaces and Quality Touchpoints

One of the standout aspects of the MG interior is the thoughtful mix of materials. While the dashboard features squidgy, yielding, and pleasing surfaces, the door tops, unfortunately, lack the same level of plushness. This attention to detail creates an interior that feels higher quality than one might anticipate.

Comfortable and Well-Designed Controls

The controls in the MG4 are both comfortable and well-designed. Features like the door handles, window switches, steering wheel buttons, and levers exude a solid feel, enhancing the overall driving experience.

Attention to Detail: Solid Levers and Damped Components

Small details matter, and the MG4 doesn't disappoint in this regard. Components such as the levers and glove box are not only solid but also damped, adding a touch of refinement to the interior.

Infotainment System: Responsiveness Matters

While the infotainment screen is functional, it may not be the most responsive in its class. However, the absence of satellite navigation on entry-level versions isn't a significant drawback, as drivers can rely on Android Auto or Apple CarPlay for navigation.

Driver's Display: Convenient Functionality

The main driver's display allows for easy control of various functions using intuitively placed buttons. It simplifies access to essential features while keeping the driver focused on the road.

MG 4 Technology and Infotainment

The MG4 doesn't just excel in terms of affordability and design; it also stands out with a range of impressive technology and infotainment features. Let's delve into the tech specs and features that make this electric car a standout choice.

Infotainment System: The Central Hub

The MG infotainment system serves as the central hub for connectivity and entertainment. While it may not be the most responsive in its class, it offers a user-friendly interface and provides access to various functions.

Seamless Connectivity: Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

One of its most notable features is seamless integration with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. These systems allow drivers to mirror their smartphone interfaces on the central screen, offering access to navigation, music, and a host of other apps. It's a convenient and intuitive solution that enhances the driving experience.

Driver's Display: Easy Access to Information

The primary driver's display is a key component for controlling and accessing various functions. Equipped with well-placed buttons, it ensures that essential features are within easy reach, all while keeping the driver's focus on the road.

Vehicle to Load Capability: Power Beyond the Road

The MG4 introduces a unique feature known as "vehicle to load," enabling you to tap into the car's battery to power household electrical appliances, from kettles to microwaves. While an adapter may be necessary, it's a forward-thinking feature that showcases the car's versatility.

MG Pilot: Elevating Safety and Convenience

MG Pilot is a comprehensive cruise control system that employs radar technology to maintain a safe following distance from the vehicle in front. This reduces the need for constant acceleration and braking on the motorway, enhancing both safety and convenience. Additionally, it includes lane-keeping assist for added peace of mind.

360-Degree Camera: A Panoramic View

The MG4 is equipped with a 360-degree camera system, allowing drivers to switch between various camera views. These views encompass the front, driver's side, rear, and passenger side angles, providing an enhanced perspective for parking and maneuvering in tight spaces.

Charging Specifications: Power and Efficiency

Charging the MG4 is a breeze. The smaller battery model can charge at up to 117 kilowatts on DC charging, while the larger battery version offers an impressive 135 kilowatts. On a wall box at home, the car charges at a maximum of seven kilowatts, delivering a full charge in about nine hours.

Impressive Range: Real-World Efficiency

In terms of efficiency, the MG4 shines with a real-world range of approximately 232 miles. This range, combined with the charging capabilities, ensures that you have the power needed for your journeys.

Seven-Year Warranty: Peace of Mind

MG stands by the MG4 with a generous seven-year warranty, providing exceptional peace of mind to buyers. This warranty underscores the manufacturer's confidence in the car's quality, durability, and technological reliability.

MG4 Engine and Transmission

The MG4 is not just an affordable electric car with a captivating design; it's also an electric powerhouse that boasts a remarkable powertrain, transmission, and efficient performance. Let's dive into the specifics of what propels this budget-friendly electric car.

Electric Powerplant: A Green Heart

At the heart of the MG4 lies its electric powerplant, a robust and eco-friendly system that propels the car forward. The MG4 offers two battery options, allowing buyers to choose the one that best suits their needs.

Battery Choices: Tailored to Your Range

The MG4 provides two battery choices:

  • 51-kilowatt-hour Battery: This option offers a range of approximately 280 miles on a full charge and is paired with a 170-horsepower electric motor.

  • 61-kilowatt-hour Battery: Opting for this larger battery pack provides a slightly extended range of around 281 miles, accompanied by a more potent 203-horsepower electric motor.

Rear-Wheel Drive: Efficient Propulsion

Both battery choices come with a rear-wheel-drive configuration, a setup that optimizes efficiency and handling. This layout delivers a responsive and engaging driving experience.

Charging Flexibility: Powering Up

When it comes to charging, the MG4 offers flexibility:

  • DC Charging: The smaller battery model can charge at up to 117 kilowatts on DC charging, ensuring rapid replenishment of power.

  • AC Charging: For home charging, the car can utilize a wall box, providing a maximum charging rate of seven kilowatts. This means you can achieve a full charge in approximately nine hours, making overnight charging a convenient option.

MG4 Performance and Handling

The MG4 isn't just about affordability and technology; it's a dynamic electric car that promises a thrilling performance and agile handling. Let's explore the details of how the MG4 delivers an engaging driving experience.

Electric Power: Swift and Spirited

The MG electric powertrain packs a punch, delivering swift and spirited acceleration. While the official 0 to 60 miles per hour time is 7.7 seconds, real-world testing has shown that the MG4 can achieve this sprint in just 7.1 seconds. It's a surprising burst of speed that adds excitement to your daily drive.

Rear-Wheel Drive: Precision and Balance

The MG4 employs a rear-wheel-drive configuration, which not only enhances efficiency but also contributes to its handling precision and balance. This setup provides an engaging and dynamic driving experience, especially when navigating twists and turns.

Suspension: Comfort and Control

The MG suspension system strikes a balance between comfort and control. It comfortably absorbs bumps and rough road surfaces, making it well-suited for city driving and long journeys. Whether you're traversing potholes or tackling speed bumps, the suspension ensures a smooth ride.

Steering: Responsive and Intuitive

The steering in the MG4 is responsive and intuitive, allowing for precise control of the vehicle. It provides a direct connection between the driver and the road, enhancing the overall driving experience.

Cornering: Nimble and Confident

When it comes to cornering, the MG4 feels nimble and confident. Thanks to its rear-wheel-drive layout, the car maintains excellent balance through curves, inspiring confidence in the driver.

Braking: Reliable and Assured

The MG braking system is reliable and assured, providing consistent stopping power when needed. It offers a confident feel, allowing the driver to modulate braking force with ease.

MG4 Range and Charging

The MG4 showcases not only an attractive design and impressive performance but also remarkable efficiency in terms of range and charging capabilities. Let's delve into the specifics of how the MG4 ensures you have the power needed for your journeys while keeping charging convenient.

Battery Options: Tailored to Your Needs

The MG4 offers two battery options, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your driving requirements:

  • 51-kilowatt-hour Battery: This option provides a range of approximately 280 miles on a full charge and pairs with a 170-horsepower electric motor.

  • 61-kilowatt-hour Battery: Opting for the larger battery pack extends the range slightly, offering around 281 miles of range, along with a more potent 203-horsepower electric motor.

DC Charging: Rapid Replenishment

When it comes to charging, the MG4 offers flexibility and speed:

  • DC Charging: The smaller battery model can charge at up to 117 kilowatts on DC charging, ensuring rapid replenishment of power. Whether you're on a road trip or simply need a quick top-up, DC charging has you covered.

AC Charging: Convenient Home Charging

For home charging, the MG4 utilizes an AC charging system with a maximum rate of seven kilowatts. This means you can achieve a full charge in approximately nine hours, making overnight charging a convenient option.

Charging Efficiency: Keeping You on the Move

With its efficient charging capabilities and ample range, the MG4 minimizes downtime and maximizes convenience. Whether you're charging at home, at a public charging station, or on a long journey, you can count on the MG4 to keep you on the move.

Driving the MG4

From City Streets to Open Highways, the MG4 Excels Everywhere

The MG4 is designed to offer an exceptional driving experience, whether you're navigating through busy city streets, cruising on the motorway, or enjoying a leisurely drive on country roads. Let's explore how this versatile electric car handles various terrains.

Town Driving: Maneuverability and Comfort

When it comes to town driving, the MG4 shines with its maneuverability and comfort. The suspension system efficiently absorbs bumps and rough road surfaces, ensuring a smooth and pleasant ride through the city. The turning circle of 10.7 meters makes it easy to navigate tight spots and parking lots, enhancing the car's urban suitability.

Motorway Driving: Swift and Stable

On the motorway, the MG4 showcases its capabilities with swift and stable performance. It can comfortably cruise at highway speeds, and the acceleration is surprisingly quick, reaching 60 miles per hour in just 7.1 seconds. The MG rear-wheel-drive configuration ensures stability and confidence during motorway driving, while the responsive steering keeps you in control.

Country Road Driving: Nimble and Enjoyable

For those who enjoy country road driving, the MG4 doesn't disappoint. Its rear-wheel-drive layout adds a touch of sportiness, allowing for nimble and enjoyable cornering. The car's balance and agility shine on winding roads, making every twist and turn a delight. The suspension provides a comfortable ride even on uneven country roads.

MG4 Dimensions

  • Length: 4,287 mm

  • Width: 1,836 mm

  • Height: 1,504 mm

  • The compact electric car boasts a substantial 2,705 mm wheelbase.

MG4: Five Cool Features

What Makes the MG4 Stand Out in the Electric Car Landscape?

The MG4 is more than just an affordable electric car; it's packed with cool features that set it apart from the competition. Let's explore five standout elements that make the MG4 a compelling choice.

1. Energy-to-Load Capability: Powering Your Devices

The MG4 offers a unique feature known as "vehicle-to-load." This innovative capability allows you to use the car's battery to run household electrical appliances, such as kettles, microwaves, and even charge your computer. It's like having a portable power source on wheels, making the MG4 a versatile tool for various situations.

2. 360-Degree Camera System: Enhanced Visibility

The MG top specification includes a 360-degree camera system, providing a comprehensive view of your surroundings. You can switch between different camera angles, including front, driver's side, rear, and passenger side views. This feature enhances visibility, making parking and maneuvering in tight spaces a breeze.

3. MG Pilot: Advanced Driver Assistance

MG Pilot is a suite of advanced driver assistance systems that come standard with the MG4. It includes features like adaptive cruise control, which maintains a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you, and lane-keeping assist, which helps keep the car within its lane. MG Pilot adds an extra layer of safety and convenience to your driving experience.

4. Quick-Release Front Seat Backrests: Flexible Interior

The MG front seats feature a quick-release system for the backrests. Unlike traditional ratchet systems, these quick-release mechanisms make it easy to fold down the backrests and create extra cargo space quickly. Whether you need more room for luggage or want to transport larger items, the MG flexible interior adapts to your needs.

5. Rear-Facing Child Seat Compatibility: Family-Friendly Design

Fitting a child seat in the MG4 is a breeze, thanks to its rear-facing child seat compatibility. The car's rear doors open wide enough, and the seat design allows for easy installation of bulky rear-facing child seats. It's a family-friendly feature that ensures safety and convenience for parents on the go.

MG4: Five Annoying Aspects

While Impressive, the MG4 Does Have Its Share of Irritations

The MG4 may offer an excellent blend of affordability and performance, but it's essential to be aware of some of its less-than-ideal aspects. Here are five annoying things to consider before making your decision.

1. Center Cup Holder Position: Awkward Placement

The MG center cup holder position can be quite awkward. When you're driving, trying to place or retrieve items in the cup holder can be a bit challenging due to its position. It's a minor inconvenience that can be frustrating in daily use.

2. Lack of Interior Grab Handles: Missed Convenience

Surprisingly, the MG4 lacks interior grab handles. If you have passengers who prefer holding onto grab handles for added security during turns or sudden stops, they won't find any inside the car. It's a missed convenience that some drivers and passengers may notice.

3. Parcel Shelf Puzzle: A Frustrating Fit

The parcel shelf in the MG4 can be quite challenging to fit under the false floor. It feels like solving a puzzle that doesn't quite align. While it's not a major issue, it can be frustrating when attempting to stow the parcel shelf.

4. Limited Rear Door Storage: Not Spacious

While the MG4 offers ample storage options in the front, the rear doors have limited storage space. The door bins in the back are smaller compared to the front, making it less convenient for rear passengers to store items.

5. Rear Seat Belt Guides: Prone to Tangles

The rear seat belt guides in the MG4 are not equipped with runners or guides to prevent tangling. As a result, when you fold down the rear seats, the seat belts can become entangled, requiring manual untangling. It's a minor annoyance that can be frustrating for those using the rear seats regularly.

MG - 0 to 60 mph

The MG4 is more than just an affordable electric car; it's a thrilling performer, too. Let's dive into the details of how quickly this electric marvel can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph, showcasing its impressive speed.

0 to 60 mph

The MG4 boasts an acceleration time of just 7.1 seconds when accelerating from 0 to 60 mph. This means that when you step on the accelerator pedal, the MG4 responds swiftly, catapulting you to highway speeds in no time. The car's electric motor delivers a surge of power, translating to a thrilling and dynamic driving experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About the MG4

Answers to Common Queries About This Impressive Electric Car

If you're considering the MG4 as your next electric car, you likely have some questions about its features, performance, and more. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions to help you make an informed decision.

1. What is the range of the MG4 on a single charge?

  • The MG4 offers two battery options:

  • 51-kilowatt-hour Battery: Approximately 280 miles of range.

  • 61-kilowatt-hour Battery: Approximately 281 miles of range.

2. How long does it take to charge the MG4 at home?

  • When charging at home with a wall box, the MG4 can achieve a full charge in approximately nine hours.

3. Does the MG4 offer advanced driver assistance features?

  • Yes, the MG4 comes with MG Pilot, which includes features like adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist for added safety and convenience.

4. Can I use the MG battery to power household appliances?

  • Yes, the MG4 features an energy-to-load capability, allowing you to use the car's battery to run household electrical appliances, such as kettles, microwaves, and more.

5. How quick is the MG acceleration from 0 to 60 mph?

  • The MG4 accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in just 7.1 seconds, delivering a swift and exciting performance.

6. Does the MG4 offer rear-facing child seat compatibility?

  • Yes, the MG4 is designed to accommodate rear-facing child seats, making it family-friendly and safe for young passengers.

7. What is the starting price of the MG4?

  • The starting price of the MG4 is approximately £26,000, offering excellent value for an electric car with its features and performance.

8. Is the MG4 suitable for various driving environments, including town, motorway, and country road driving?

  • Yes, the MG4 is designed to excel in various driving scenarios, from town driving with its maneuverability to motorway driving with its stability and country road driving with its nimble handling.

9. Are there any common annoyances associated with the MG4?

  • Some drivers may find the placement of the center cup holder and the lack of interior grab handles to be slightly inconvenient. Additionally, the fit of the parcel shelf can be frustrating, and rear door storage is limited.

10. How can I charge the MG4 on the road?

  • The MG4 can be charged on the road at DC charging stations, with the smaller battery model capable of charging at up to 117 kilowatts on DC charging.

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