2024 Polestar 4: Price, Specs and Release date

2024 Polestar 4 is available with two powertrains seamlessly blending the aerodynamic features of a coupe, the spaciousness of an SUV, and cutting-edge technology of EV.

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2024 Polestar 4  Price
2024 Polestar 4  Price
2024 Polestar 4  Price
2024 Polestar 4  Price
2024 Polestar 4  Price
2024 Polestar 4  Price
2024 Polestar 4  Price
2024 Polestar 4  Price

2024 Polestar 4 Review

The 2024 Polestar 4 has generated attention not only for being the fastest Polestar to date but also for its groundbreaking technology and commitment to sustainability, boasting the lowest carbon footprint among all Polestar models in history.

2024 Polestar 4 Price

2024 Polestar 4 Price in UK

The Polestar 4 is available for order at just under £60,000, with deliveries expected by August,2024. The basic specification comes with numerous equipment packs, and for those seeking a performance boost, a performance pack is available, including a sports chassis, larger Brembo brakes, and upgraded wheels.

2024 Polestar 4 Price in Australia

The Polestar 4 is currently available for purchase, and initial deliveries in Australia are scheduled to commence in August 2024.

Pricing exclusive of on the road costs are:

  • 2024 Polestar 4 Single Motor: $81,500

  • 2024 Polestar 4 Dual Motor: $93,050

2024 Polestar 4 Specs

Polestar 4 Design and Size

The Polestar 4 follows a chronological naming system, eschewing traditional size-based numbering. Measuring 4,840 mm in length, 2,139 mm in width, and 1,544 mm in height, with a wheelbase of 2,999 mm, the Polestar 4 falls under the D-segment SUV Coupe category. Despite its classification, it challenges the conventional SUV appearance, being only 50 mm taller than an Audi A6. The design incorporates elements from the Polestar Precept concept, including distinctive headlights and a unique front bumper.

Polestar 4 Interior Features

The interior of the Polestar 4 is both spacious and aesthetically pleasing. The lack of a rear windscreen is compensated by a high-definition camera, providing visibility for the driver through a digital screen. The panoramic roof contributes to the sense of space inside, and the rear seats are equipped with reclining features. The rear seats have controls for music, fans, and heated seats, as well as ambient lighting that can be personalized based on a planetary theme. Practicality is demonstrated with a configurable boot space of 526 liters, a frunk with 15 liters of storage, and the ability to tow up to 2,000 kg.

Polestar 4 Infotainment and Technology

The front seats boast a 15.4-inch screen, part of the Android Automotive operating system, featuring Google Apps and Apple CarPlay. The infotainment system incorporates a 14.7-inch head-up display for crucial information. The driver can customize various settings, including driving modes, suspension, and volume distribution for an immersive audio experience. The car also includes a 360-degree camera system, providing a comprehensive view of the surroundings.

Polestar 4 Powertrains

The Polestar 4 offers a versatile lineup of powertrains, catering to diverse driving preferences and ensuring an optimal driving experience in various environments. With a focus on performance, efficiency, and extended range, the Polestar 4's powertrains promise to deliver a compelling driving experience.

  1. Long Range Dual Motor:

  1. Power: 400 kW (544 hp)

  2. Torque: 506 lb-ft

  3. Acceleration (0-60 mph): 3.7 seconds

  4. Range: Up to 270 miles

The Long Range Dual Motor powertrain is engineered for those seeking an exhilarating driving experience with the combined might of two electric motors. With an impressive power output of 400 kW (544 hp) and a torque of 506 lb-ft, the Polestar 4 accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.7 seconds. The dual-motor configuration ensures optimal traction and control, making it suitable for a range of driving conditions. Despite its spirited performance, the Long Range Dual Motor powertrain offers a commendable range of up to 270 miles, providing a perfect blend of power and efficiency.

  1. Long Range Single Motor:

  1. Power: 200 kW (272 hp)

  2. Torque: 253 lb-ft

  3. Acceleration (0-60 mph): 6.9 seconds

  4. Range: Up to 300 miles

The Long Range Single Motor powertrain is tailored for those prioritizing an extended range without compromising on performance. With a power output of 200 kW (272 hp) and a torque of 253 lb-ft, this configuration ensures a smooth and responsive drive. The Polestar 4 equipped with the Long Range Single Motor accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 6.9 seconds, providing a balanced driving experience. Notably, this powertrain excels in efficiency, offering an impressive range of up to 300 miles on a single charge.

Polestar 4: Suspension Dampers

Whether in the realm of active or passive suspension, the dampers integrated into the Polestar 4 contribute to an immersive driving experience without compromising on comfort. These dampers are designed to establish an optimal connection to the road surface, ensuring a smooth and responsive drive across various driving conditions.

Semi-Active ZF Dampers

Crafted by the renowned German manufacturer ZF, the semi-active dampers on the Polestar 4 represent a pinnacle in suspension technology. Leveraging continuous control technology, these dampers utilize sensors to detect and counteract pitch and roll movements, enhancing stability and control. The embedded software provides drivers with the flexibility to choose from different suspension presets, including "standard," "nimble," or "firm," all conveniently accessible through the central display.

Performance-Tuned Semi-Active ZF Dampers

For those seeking an even more dynamic and performance-focused driving experience, the Polestar 4 offers an upgrade featuring performance-tuned semi-active ZF dampers. These dampers go beyond the standard configuration, incorporating specially tuned valves to harmonize seamlessly with the 22-inch Forged Alloy Wheels. When combined with stiffer springs and anti-roll bars, this upgraded setup guarantees an elevated level of control, especially when the suspension feel is dialed in to the "firm" setting.

Available as an Upgrade: The option for the performance-tuned semi-active ZF dampers is available as an upgrade, allowing enthusiasts to tailor their Polestar 4 to their performance preferences. This upgrade is an embodiment of Polestar's commitment to providing drivers with the flexibility to customize their driving experience, ensuring that each journey is not just a commute but a captivating and exhilarating adventure.

High-Capacity Passive Dampers

Catering to enthusiasts who value active driving dynamics, the Polestar 4 introduces high-capacity passive dampers as part of its suspension system. Tailored for dynamic driving, these dampers are engineered to minimize body roll, providing an enhanced level of car control. They achieve this by incorporating an elevated compression level and internal rebound springs, mirroring the design principles found in their semi-active counterparts.

Polestar’s Sustainability Commitment

Polestar has maintained its commitment to sustainability with the Polestar 4, utilizing monomaterials to reduce recycling complexity. The car incorporates recycled materials such as old pop bottles and a textile called eonil made from discarded fishing nets. The aluminum used in the car is produced using hydropower electricity, and the manufacturing facility is partly powered by a large solar array.

Polestar 4: Charging and Efficiency

The Polestar 4 operates on a 400-volt electrical system, providing up to 200 kW on a rapid charger and 22 kW on an AC charger. The vehicle supports bidirectional charging from launch, and vehicle-to-load functionality will be available in the future. This efficient charging capability aligns with Polestar's commitment to sustainability.

Polestar 4: Safety Features

Safety has been an integral aspect of Polestar's identity since its inception. The Polestar 4 exemplifies this commitment by incorporating cutting-edge driver assistance and impact protection systems, ensuring the well-being of all occupants.

Radar, Cameras, and Sensors

The Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) integrates 1 mid-range radar, 11 exterior cameras, and 12 ultrasonic sensors, providing comprehensive support and protection. This system monitors the car's surroundings, instantly evaluating safety concerns and issuing warnings or interventions when necessary.

Rear-View HD Camera

Replacing the traditional rear window, the Polestar 4 features a roof-mounted HD camera linked to a high-resolution rearview mirror display. This innovative design prevents dirt buildup, offering an unobstructed panoramic rearward view.


The Dashcam app captures the road ahead using an overhead console camera, allowing manual or automatic recording based on safety system detections, ensuring a record in the event of a possible collision.

Driver Monitoring System (DMS)

Strategically positioned in the cabin, the DMS tracks the driver's eye and head movements to identify signs of distraction or fatigue. Audible and visual warnings are issued if such signs are detected, prioritizing driver alertness.

Pilot Assist (Available as an Upgrade)

Working in conjunction with Adaptive Cruise Control, Pilot Assist supports the driver by monitoring distance to the vehicle in front and lane proximity. This hands-on system makes subtle steering adjustments, keeping the Polestar 4 centered at speeds up to 80 mph.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Maintaining a safe following distance, Adaptive Cruise Control adjusts the car's speed based on the vehicle ahead, contributing to a safer driving experience.

Parking Assistance

Equipped with four designated parking cameras and 12 ultrasonic sensors, the Polestar 4 assists in navigating in and out of parking spots. Visual and audible warnings enhance driver awareness, preventing obstacles.

360º and 3D View

Every Polestar 4 features surround-view technology, utilizing front- and rear-view cameras and door mirror cameras. This system offers a bird's-eye or interactive 3D view on the center display, aiding maneuvering in tight spaces.

Cross Traffic Alert with Brake Support

When backing up, Cross Traffic Alert warns of approaching cars, cyclists, and pedestrians. If continued backing poses a collision risk, Polestar 4 automatically applies brakes.

Lane Keeping Aid

Active between 37 and 124 mph, Lane Keeping Aid prevents unintentional lane veering, making small steering adjustments and issuing warnings when necessary.

Oncoming Lane Mitigation

Alerting the driver with audible and visible warnings, Oncoming Lane Mitigation helps avoid crossing into the path of oncoming vehicles.

Front and Rear Collision Avoidance

Equipped with front and rear collision warning systems, Polestar 4 can halt the car if necessary and activate hazard warning lights to alert surrounding drivers.

Intelligent Lighting

Polestar 4 incorporates LED headlights with Active High Beam technology, automatically switching between high and low beam based on detected oncoming or preceding vehicles.

Home Safe Lights

Allowing the main headlights to stay on, Home Safe Lights improve outside illumination with customizable settings.

Battery Safety

A robust steel and aluminum frame encases the battery pack, reducing the risk of damage in collisions. Additional protective features minimize potential battery damage.

Electronic Battery Protection

In the event of a collision, advanced safety technology automatically disconnects the high-voltage system from the car, reducing the risk of circuitry damage.

Post-Impact Protection

The ultra-high-strength steel construction of the passenger compartment, coupled with airbag deployment, provides post-impact protection, minimizing injury risks.

Post-Impact Braking

Activated by airbags and seat belt pretensioners, post-impact braking helps reduce the severity of an impact.

Direct Assistance

The overhead console features Connect and SOS buttons, facilitating direct calls for Polestar assistance in non-emergency events and emergencies, respectively.

2024 Polestar 4 vs. Tesla Model Y

What are the specifications that set Polestar's latest electric midsize SUV apart from the established Model Y? Let's delve into the details to uncover the differences.


  • The Polestar 4's pricing appears competitive, offering a longer driving range in the base model compared to the Model Y Long Range AWD, albeit with a slight premium.

  • Optional packs, such as the Plus Pack and Performance Pack, introduce additional features, influencing the final price.

Dimensions and Boot Space:

  • The Polestar 4 boasts a longer wheelbase and a coupe-inspired aesthetic, contrasting with the Model Y's egg-shaped design.

  • Interior preferences vary, with the Model Y providing excellent packaging and a larger boot space, while the Polestar 4 emphasizes quality automotive interior design.


  • Both vehicles offer impressive acceleration in their top-spec models, with the Polestar 4 claiming 3.8 seconds and the Model Y slightly quicker at 3.7 seconds.

  • In the more affordable range, the Model Y holds an advantage in terms of power and acceleration.

Driving Range and Charging:

  • The Polestar 4 challenges Tesla's driving range dominance, surpassing the Model Y in WLTP range by 14.5%, thanks to its 94kWh battery and design-forward approach.

  • While the Model Y has a higher DC charging speed, the Polestar 4 offers rapid charging with a peak of 200kW DC.

Warranty and Servicing:

  • Tesla provides a four-year/80,000km warranty, while the Polestar 4 comes with a five-year unlimited kilometers warranty.

  • Service intervals for the Polestar 4 are every two years/30,000km, compared to Tesla's conditional approach.

Standard Specifications:

  • Both vehicles offer advanced operating systems, digital key functionality, over-the-air software updates, and entertainment features.

  • Polestar 4 includes the Pilot Pack as standard, offering adaptive cruise control, advanced lane-tracing, and blind-spot monitoring.

Optional Features:

  • Both models offer optional packs and standalone options for customization, with Polestar 4 providing more extensive customization options.

  • Standalone options include premium metallic paint, body cladding, various wheel sizes, electric folding tow bar, panoramic glass roof, and privacy glass.


  • The Polestar 4 is slightly larger and more expensive, emphasizing design and customization.

  • Positioned as an alternative for design-conscious consumers, the Polestar 4 aims to offer a unique driving experience when compared to the best-selling Model Y. Final judgment is reserved until the Polestar 4 arrives for hands-on evaluation.

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