2024 Toyota 4Runner Specs, Pricing and Release date

2024 Toyota 4Runner's hybrid powertrain boasts i-Force Max twin-turbo V6 hybrid. Over 400 hp and 35 mpg in city traffic and electric mode. Built on TNGA-F platform.

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2024 Toyota 4Runner

The Toyota 4Runner is renowned for its robustness and off-road prowess. The upcoming 2024 release is set to shake up the automotive scene with a fresh platform upgrade. This enhancement promises to elevate ride quality, handling, and overall performance. Alongside this, improved fuel efficiency is anticipated, marking a positive shift.

2024 Toyota 4Runner Specs

  • Toyota introduces the 4Runner, a reimagined SUV icon.

  • The J1 50 platform's 15-year legacy is replaced by TNGA-F modular architecture.

  • Enhanced comfort and dual mastery of city and off-road driving with new chassis.

  • 4Runner's hybrid powertrain boasts i-Force Max twin-turbo V6 hybrid.

  • Over 400 horsepower and 35 mpg in city traffic and electric mode.

  • 10-speed automatic transmission for smoother and quicker shifts.

  • Electrified 2.4-liter twin-turbo inline-four engine option with 300+ horsepower.

  • Upgraded to a ten-speed automatic gearbox for improved efficiency and lifespan.

  • The 4Runner expands its global presence with the TNGA-F platform.

  • A range of trims, from SR5 to 4Runner Pro, caters to diverse needs and budgets.

  • Pricing starts at $43,000 for SR5 and goes up to $58,000 for 4Runner Pro.

  • Technological features include wireless charging, 12.3-inch touchscreen, and JBL audio system.

  • Fresh interior materials and layout offer quieter and more comfortable surroundings.

  • Off-road prowess remains a strong point with upgraded four-wheel drive system and locking rear differential.

  • Safety features include rearview camera, parking sensors, and automatic high beams.

  • 2024 4Runner can tow up to 5000 pounds, making it suitable for various hauling needs.

  • Inclusion of a hybrid version supports environmental consciousness.

  • Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System enhances off-road and on-road handling.

  • Advanced audio and entertainment system with 8-inch touchscreen and available JBL audio.

Latest Updates as of Sept 20, 2023

We've got some exciting updates to share about the 2024 4Runner. There's a wild new look for the '24 4Runner, but it's not exactly what you're expecting. 2024 won't bring a complete redesign or a next-gen 4Runner. We might have to wait until maybe '25 or '26, but Toyota will let us know when it's time. I'm hoping it's sooner rather than later, so let's dive into what's new.

Color Changes: First up, let's talk colors. We're saying goodbye to a few, but we're also gaining a cool one. Unfortunately, the 40th-anniversary edition is no more; it was a one-year special. Those beautiful stripes in red, orange, and yellow are now history. And remember Lime Rush? It's gone too. Paula Abdul once said, "Rush, rush, hurry, hurry, lover, come to me," and she might have been talking about Lime Rush, the 2022 4Runner TRD Pro color. But it's gone, and we're left with fond memories.

Color Additions: Now, the exciting part. We're gaining a new color: Underground. This one's dark, sinister, and imposing. It looks fantastic on various Toyota models like the Camry TRD, 2023 Corolla family, and the 2024 Tacoma TRD pre-runner. Underground is here to stay, and I love it. With Underground joining the lineup, we're saying goodbye to Magnetic Gray Metallic. It's a classic, but change is good, right?

2024 Color Choices: So, what are your color choices for the 2024 4Runner? Here they are:

  • Ice Cap White (as seen on the TRD off-road premium)

  • Midnight Black (a classic)

  • Classic Silver (timeless)

  • Underground (dark and imposing)

  • Barcelona Red (a fiery choice)

  • Nautical Blue (cool and refreshing)

  • Solar Octane (vibrant)

  • Wind Chill Pearl (for The Limited, a burst of shiny white)

TRD Pro Colors: If you're eyeing the TRD Pro, you'll have four distinct color options:

  • Ice Cap White (clean and crisp)

  • Midnight Black Metallic (timeless elegance)

  • Underground (bold and dark)

  • Terra (earthy and unique)

2024 Toyota 4Runner Release date : Late 2023

Fast 2024 Toyota 4Runner approaching from a distance on dirt roads
Fast 2024 Toyota 4Runner approaching from a distance on dirt roads

2024 Toyota 4Runner's Platform Revolution

Let's begin by dissecting the core of the platform—the very heart and soul. The 4Runner's foundation has undergone a seismic transformation. Imagine clinging to a technology for a staggering 15 years—that's the legacy of the J1 50 platform. With roots tracing back to the venerable 21-year-old J one tow, it boasted unparalleled off-road capabilities. Yet, for city dwellers seeking a smooth ride on asphalt, it fell short.

We all remember the jarring rides and the trademark body roll—a clear testament to prioritizing rough trails over urban streets. But brace yourselves, for Toyota is firing on all cylinders with the seasoned TNGA-F modular architecture. Already making waves in the tundra and Sequoia, the 4Runner is emerging as an entirely new beast. And here's the kicker: not only will spare parts be more affordable, but also more accessible.

This enhanced platform guarantees not only heightened comfort but also dual mastery over city roads and untamed terrains. Worried about thrilling off-road escapades? Fear not. The TNGA-F's body-on-frame chassis ensures the 4Runner retains its crown as the sovereign ruler of all landscapes. While NASCAR aspirations might not be realized with this version, everywhere else is a golden opportunity.

Orange TRD 2024 Toyota 4Runner parked ina rural settings
Orange TRD 2024 Toyota 4Runner parked ina rural settings

2024 Toyota 4Runner Performance

Fuel efficiency often remains the Achilles' heel of formidable SUVs, as evident with the likes of the Jeep Wrangler. Despite housing a 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-four, it disappointingly manages just 21 miles per gallon. Now, Toyota steps forward to lead the charge.

The 4Runner's hybrid powertrain doesn't merely prioritize eco-friendliness—it's about redefining potency and efficiency. Beneath its hood rests the i-Force Max twin-turbo V6 hybrid, poised to unleash over 400 horsepower. It achieves a remarkable 35 miles per gallon while seamlessly navigating city traffic in electric mode. The 4Runner has your urban drives covered, making them feel breezy despite its commanding stance.

Comparing with Wrangler's hybrid variant, the Four by E, a significant gap emerges. While the Four by E flaunts an impressive 49 miles per gallon, its 2.0-liter inline-four struggles for power once the electric engine fades, limited to an estimated 20-mile electric range. It's clear who stands tall, and rumors swirl that Toyota might unveil a version equipped with a four-cylinder hybrid powertrain, leaving the competition trembling.

Silver 2024 Toyota 4Runner parked sideways
Silver 2024 Toyota 4Runner parked sideways

To the car enthusiasts out there, let's address the elephant in the room: a four-cylinder engine in a 4Runner. Before you raise an eyebrow, let's break it down. While the Jeep Wrangler took the plunge, Toyota wasn't far behind. But put aside thoughts of tiny 1.6-liter engines. Toyota offers dynamism in a compact package—an electrifying 2.4-liter twin-turbo inline-four, the very heart of the Toyota dynasty. With over 300 horsepower and nearly 400 pound-feet of torque, this isn't just any engine—it's an eco-friendly powerhouse boasting around 50 miles per gallon.

This leap isn't a small one; it's a quantum leap, dwarfing contenders like the Ford Bronco hybrid and Jeep Wrangler for Biden. Toyota's two-decade legacy of reliability further sweetens the deal. And for those purists skeptical of hybrid technology, rejoice. The 4Runner will also feature a standalone inline-four variant, free from hybrid attachments. It promises a robust 275 horsepower and 317 pound-feet of torque, delivering competitive fuel efficiency figures thanks to Toyota's engineering prowess.

Shifting Gears: Embracing the Automatic Revolution

Bid farewell to the old-school five-speed auto transmissions. The 4Runner embraces modernity with a refined ten-speed automatic gearbox. Say goodbye to deafening engine roars on highways—this SUV is poised to redefine the concept of quiet strength. Beyond promising enhanced fuel efficiency due to lower RPMs at high speeds, this gearbox guarantees an extended engine lifespan, as less strain translates to a longer life. It's a win-win situation!

Matt black 2024 Toyota 4Runner with hills in the backdrop
Matt black 2024 Toyota 4Runner with hills in the backdrop

2024 Toyota 4Runner Trims and Pricing

From the base S5 to the elite 4Runner Pro, there's a version tailored for every enthusiast.

  • Starting around $43,000, the SR5 offers an entry point.

  • Consider the TRD Sport or Limited versions for a step up.

  • The TRD Sport, priced at roughly $45,000, offers exceptional value.

  • The 4Runner Ltd, around $53,000, combines luxury and performance.

  • For the ultimate 4Runner experience, the 4Runner Pro at about $58,000 is the prime choice.

A Global Phenomenon: 4Runner Conquers the World

Global enthusiasts, get ready for a groundbreaking shift. The 4Runner's absence has been deeply felt across European and Asian terrains, but fear not—it's making a triumphant return. Whether you're navigating Germany's autobahns or Japan's scenic routes, the 4Runner is en route to conquer it all. Toyota's TNGA-F modular platform isn't just innovation—it's your passport to a global adventure.

Unofficial Interior pic of the 2024 Toyota 4Runner
Unofficial Interior pic of the 2024 Toyota 4Runner