2024 Toyota Corolla Cross Price in Pakistan

Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid – a blend of efficiency and versatility starting from PKR 9,399,000 with combined power figures of 168 horsepower and 305-NM of torque.

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Toyota Cross Hybrid
Toyota Cross Hybrid

2024 Toyota Cross Hybrid

Locally Assembled Toyota Cross launched in Pakistan

The 2024 Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid is a leader in hybrid cars, combining hybrid efficiency with SUV versatility. It has an affordable starting price, making it an attractive option. The car boasts a stylish exterior, showing off its hybrid features, and inside, it offers comfort and advanced technology. Join Pinkywheels as we delve into the finer details of Toyota's foray into the hybrid realm, uncovering what sets the Corolla Cross apart in a competitive automotive landscape.

Toyota Cross Release Date in Pakistan

  • Officially Released on Dec 18, 2023 as 2024 Model

Toyota Hybrid Electric Technology

Experience a revolutionary powertrain design where components seamlessly collaborate, eliminating the need for many conventional powertrain elements. The simplicity of this system, with fewer moving parts, translates to reduced wear and tear, minimizing the need for replacements and ultimately lowering maintenance costs.

Efficiency and Performance:

· Smooth Power Build: The power delivery in our Hybrid Electric technology is designed for a seamless and linear experience. Enjoy effortless acceleration, drama-free driving, and easy modulation.

· Exceptional Fuel Economy: Benefit from an innovative design that not only enhances performance but also delivers exceptional fuel economy. Enjoy the perfect blend of power and efficiency.

Ownership Benefits:

· Lower Maintenance Costs: With fewer components prone to wear and tear, maintenance costs are significantly reduced, providing you with economic advantages over time.

· Quiet Cabin Experience: Our Hybrid Electric vehicles are engineered for a tranquil cabin environment. Experience a serene and noise-free drive, contributing to an overall enhanced driving experience.

Toyota's commitment to innovation extends beyond performance, emphasizing economy, and ensuring a hassle-free ownership experience for every driver.

Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA):

TNGA stands as a groundbreaking framework built upon two pillars:

1. Core Strength: Strengthening the core aspects of vehicle design and performance.

2. Five Domains, Driven by Engineering Beliefs:

· Emphasized Personality: Infusing vehicles with distinctive character and individuality.

· Driving Quality: Enhancing the overall driving experience through superior quality.

· Comfort: Prioritizing passenger comfort for an enjoyable journey.

· User-Friendliness: Introducing intuitive features and interfaces for user convenience.

· Pride of Ownership: Fostering a sense of pride and satisfaction in owning a vehicle.

· Security: Implementing advanced safety measures to ensure a secure driving environment.

This comprehensive philosophy and architecture embody a commitment to innovation and excellence in every aspect of car-making.

Toyota Cross Price in Pakistan

  • Base Variant 1.8 HEV: PKR 9,399,000

  • Top Spec 1.8 HEV X Variant: PKR 9,849,000

Please note that these prices for the Toyota Corolla Cross in Pakistan are ex-factory.

Toyota Cross Specs

Toyota Cross Exterior

Front Fascia

The Corolla Cross welcomes you with a sleek and sporty front fascia, highlighted by a large grille featuring the iconic blue-accented Toyota logo, a clear symbol of its hybrid prowess. The full LED headlights, complete with blue accents, not only enhance visibility but also showcase the hybrid's distinctive identity.

Stylish Side Profile

Moving to the sides, the 18-inch wheels, wrapped in rapid Michelin tires, provide a stylish touch and hint at the Corolla Cross's dynamic capabilities. Chrome accents, including the "Corolla Cross" nameplate, add a touch of sophistication, contributing to the overall modern aesthetic.

Rear Elegance

Key Rear Features include:

  • kick sensor beneath the power tailgate for convenient access to the boot space.

  • LED illuminated rear combination headlamps enhance the aesthetic appeal of the car's rear.

  • Premium trim includes a moon roof, adding an extra touch of sophistication.

  • All trims feature a stylish shark fin antenna atop the rear end.

Roof-to-Body Separator

The Chrome-accented separator between the roof and body is both a functional and stylish element. It not only adds a touch of flair but also subtly divides the sections, contributing to the overall balance of the exterior design.

Toyota Cross Dimensions

  • Wheelbase: 103.94 in

  • Length: 175.59 in

  • Width: 71.85 in

  • Height: 63.78 in

  • Ground Clearance: 8.07 inches

Toyota Cross Colors

  • Metal Stream Metallic

  • Celestite Grey

  • Attitude Black

  • Super White

  • Dark Blue Mica Metallic

  • Red Mica Metallic

Toyota Cross Interior

Stepping inside the 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross 1.8 V Hybrid reveals a thoughtfully designed interior that balances comfort and functionality. Let's dig into the key features and specifications that define the driving experience:

Premium Materials: Dashboard and Door Panels

The dashboard showcases a harmonious blend of materials, with a soft-touch finish dominating the majority, providing a pleasant tactile experience. A notable touch is the incorporation of real stitching in the leather armrests, elevating the overall premium feel.

Driver-Centric Steering Wheel

The Corolla Cross maintains familiarity with a steering wheel shared across various Toyota models. Despite its large appearance, it proves to be both tilt and telescopic, allowing drivers to find their preferred position easily. Controls for adaptive cruise control, lane-keep assist, and audio functions enhance the overall driving experience.

7-inch Instrument Cluster:

Switch between Analog, Digital and Hybrid Speedometer with the 7-inch Multi-Info Display.

9-Inch Infotainment Touchscreen:

The grand 9-Inch Floating Display allows multiple functions, including Energy Monitor, Apple Carplay & Android Auto. Equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, it seamlessly integrates with smartphones. The system also displays vital vehicle information, such as energy flow in hybrid mode.

Dual-Zone Climate Control:

A user-friendly dual-zone automatic climate control system complements the interior, offering a mix of buttons and knobs for easy adjustment. The system, characterized by its simplicity and efficiency, ensures a comfortable cabin environment.

Seating Comfort:

The seats, covered in Maroon perforated leather with elegant stitching, provide adequate support and comfort. While the passenger side opts for manual adjustments, the driver benefits from a power-adjustable seat, catering to individual preferences.

Air Vents and USB Ports

Moving to the rear, the Corolla Cross offers a balanced space, featuring two air vents and USB ports for the convenience of passengers. Soft-touch materials on door panels and a well-designed center armrest contribute to the overall comfort.

Toyota Cross Hybrid
Toyota Cross Hybrid

Toyota Cross Technology

The 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross 1.8 V Hybrid stands at the intersection of innovation and convenience, offering a suite of technological features that enhance the driving experience. Let's explore the cutting-edge technology integrated into this hybrid marvel:

1. Toyota Safety Sense:

Equipped with Toyota Safety Sense, the Corolla Cross prioritizes safety with features like adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and a pre-collision system. These advanced driver-assistance technologies contribute to a safer and more secure driving experience.

2. Digital Instrument Cluster:

The digital instrument cluster provides more than just speed and fuel information. It serves as a hub for monitoring the hybrid system's energy flow, allowing drivers to optimize their driving habits for increased fuel efficiency.

3. 8-Inch Touchscreen Infotainment System:

At the heart of the Corolla Cross's technological arsenal is the 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system. Seamlessly integrating with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, it transforms the vehicle into a connected hub. The system also provides insights into the hybrid powertrain's operation.

4. Hybrid Powertrain:

As one of the early adopters of hybrid technology in its segment, the Corolla Cross features a hybrid powertrain that blends a 1.8-liter gasoline engine with an electric motor. This not only contributes to lower emissions but also results in impressive fuel efficiency, making it an environmentally conscious choice.

5. EV Mode:

For short-distance, low-speed driving, the Corolla Cross offers an EV mode. Leveraging the charged battery, drivers can enjoy fully electric driving, minimizing both noise and emissions, creating a serene and eco-friendly driving experience.

6. Infotainment Customization:

The infotainment system goes beyond standard connectivity, offering a customizable driving experience. Displaying information about power consumption and energy regeneration, it empowers drivers to make informed decisions for optimal efficiency.

7. Blind Spot Monitoring:

Enhancing safety during lane changes, the Corolla Cross incorporates blind spot monitoring. Coupled with the well-positioned side mirrors, this feature alerts drivers to potential obstacles in their blind spots, promoting safer maneuvering.

Toyota Cross Powertrain

  • Engine: 1798cc hybrid engine.

  • Power: This engine delivers an impressive 168 horsepower.

  • Torque: With a torque output of 305 Newton-meters, it ensures dynamic and responsive driving.

  • Transmission: Equipped with a eCVT) ensuring a smooth and efficient ride.

Toyota Cross Driving Modes

  • EV Mode

  • ECO Mode

  • Power Mode

Toyota Cross Driving Impressions

The driving experience of the Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid is marked by a harmonious blend of comfort, efficiency, and practicality. With a focus on meeting the needs of everyday drivers, it forgoes the exhilaration of sports cars but excels in delivering a smooth and pleasant journey.

The hybrid powertrain, consisting of a 1.8-liter Atkinson cycle naturally aspirated petrol engine and an electric motor, operates seamlessly to produce 168 horsepower. This collaboration, managed by an electronic continuously variable transmission (eCVT), ensures that power delivery is both efficient and responsive. While the power output might seem modest on paper, in real-world driving scenarios, the Corolla Cross Hybrid feels adequately powered, especially during overtaking maneuvers and city driving.

One of the standout features is the transition between electric and engine drive, which is virtually imperceptible in normal driving conditions. The system intelligently switches between the two power sources, contributing to a quiet and refined driving experience. Even when the petrol engine engages, the cabin remains remarkably hushed, creating a serene environment ideal for long-distance drives or navigating through traffic.

The suspension system, despite the crossover's taller stance, allows for confident handling. The TNG chassis, though featuring a simpler torsion beam suspension at the back, maintains the trademark Toyota driving confidence. Whether cruising on highways or navigating twisty roads, the Corolla Cross Hybrid demonstrates stability and composure.

Fuel efficiency is a highlight, with the hybrid powertrain delivering impressive consumption figures. The onboard computer estimates a substantial driving range, providing a sense of convenience and cost-effectiveness. The emphasis on fuel economy aligns with the car's practical nature, catering to those seeking an eco-friendly and economical driving solution.

Toyota Cross 0-60

· When tested on city roads it reached 0-60 mph in 10 seconds approx.

Toyota Cross Top Speed

· 180 Km/H

Toyota Cross Hybrid
Toyota Cross Hybrid

Toyota Cross Fuel Economy

· 18-20 Km per Liter in the City

· 23-24 Km per Liter on the highway

Toyota Cross Safety

Key Safety features include:

· Safety is a paramount commitment in the Corolla Cross Hybrid Electric. Our dedication to your well-being is evident through various safety features.

· Comprehensive Airbag System: Enjoy peace of mind with the inclusion of 7 SRS airbags strategically placed throughout the vehicle. These airbags provide optimal protection against specific types of crashes.

· Advanced Monitoring Systems: Navigate the roads with confidence thanks to built-in features like the blind spot monitor, parking sensors, and RCTA (Rear Cross Traffic Alert). These systems enhance your awareness and contribute to a safer driving experience.

· Secure Interior: Inside the vehicle, the robust seatbelt system and child restraint system are designed to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones. Every journey becomes a peaceful and secure experience.

· Traction Control: Experience enhanced stability on wet, icy, or uneven surfaces, as Traction Control intervenes to prevent wheel spin.

· Vehicle Stability Control (VSC): Navigate unexpected driving conditions with confidence. VSC is designed to prevent lateral skidding, ensuring stability and control even when traction is compromised.

· Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS): Ensures controlled and effective braking, preventing wheel lock-up during hard braking.

· Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD): Optimizes brake force distribution among the wheels for enhanced stability during braking.

· Brake Assist (BA): Provides additional braking force during emergency situations for shorter stopping distances.

· Vehicle Stability Control: Maintains vehicle stability by mitigating skidding and loss of traction in challenging driving conditions.

· Clearance and Back Sonar: Assists in parking maneuvers and alerts the driver to obstacles in the vehicle's path.

· Hill Start Assist: Prevents the vehicle from rolling backward when starting on an incline.

Toyota Cross Pros and Cons

Toyota Cross Pros:

Efficient Hybrid Technology: Seamless power delivery, lower maintenance costs, and exceptional fuel economy.

Quiet and Comfortable Cabin: Tranquil driving experience with a quiet cabin, ensuring comfort in daily commutes.

Toyota's TNGA Philosophy: Groundbreaking architecture focusing on core strength, driving quality, and user satisfaction.

Comprehensive Safety Features: Toyota Safety Sense, airbags, blind spot monitoring, and parking sensors for enhanced safety.

Stylish Exterior Design: Sleek front fascia, stylish side profile, and functional design elements for a modern aesthetic.

Toyota Cross Cons:

Limited Rear Design Appeal: Rear design may lack the striking appeal found in the front and sides.

Touch-Sensitive Controls: Inconvenient touch-sensitive controls, especially for volume adjustment.

Infotainment Cable Placement: Placement of cables for Apple CarPlay/Android Auto may be visually distracting.

Toyota Cross FAQs

  1. What is the starting price of the Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid in Pakistan?
    The base variant starts at PKR 9,399,000, while the top variant is priced at PKR 9,849,000.

    What are the key dimensions of the Toyota Corolla Cross?
    Wheelbase: 103.94 in, Length: 175.59 in, Width: 71.85 in, Height: 63.78 in.

    How many airbags does the Corolla Cross Hybrid have?
    It comes with a comprehensive 7 SRS airbags system for optimal crash protection.

    What is Toyota's TNGA philosophy?
    TNGA focuses on core strength, emphasizing driving quality, comfort, user-friendliness, and pride of ownership.

    Does the Corolla Cross Hybrid have adaptive cruise control?
    Yes, it is equipped with Toyota Safety Sense, including adaptive cruise control.

    What is the fuel economy of the Corolla Cross Hybrid?
    It achieves an impressive fuel consumption of 18-20 Km per Liter in the city and 23-24 Km per Liter on the highway.

    How does the hybrid powertrain contribute to lower maintenance costs?
    The hybrid system has fewer moving parts, minimizing wear and tear and reducing maintenance costs.

    Is the interior spacious and comfortable for passengers?
    Yes, with premium materials, spacious rear accommodations, and advanced features, it offers a comfortable ride.

    What technology features does the Corolla Cross Hybrid offer?
    It includes Toyota Safety Sense, a digital instrument cluster, an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system, and more.

    What is the 0-60 mph acceleration time of the Corolla Cross Hybrid?
    It achieves 0-60 mph in about 10 seconds.

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