2024 Toyota Prius Prime Review, Specs and Price

Combining a four-cylinder engine with two electric motors, the 2024 Prius Prime boasts a total of 220 horsepower. It achieves 0-60 mph in 6.6 seconds.

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2024 Toyota Prius Prime Review
2024 Toyota Prius Prime Review

2024 Toyota Prius Prime

The unveiling of the 2024 Prius Prime plug-in hybrid and its standard Prius counterpart at the beginning of the 2023 model year left spectators in awe. The all-new Toyota Prius underwent a radical transformation, shedding its former status as one of the less visually appealing cars on the market to emerge as a certified head-turner. This significant makeover wasn't limited to appearances alone; the Prius Prime plug-in hybrid (PHEV) underwent a substantial upgrade in its powertrain.

Combining a gas four-cylinder engine with two electric motors, the 2024 Prius Prime boasts a total of 220 horsepower. Notably swifter than before, the latest Prius Prime also extends its electric-only driving range by an additional 19 miles. With this latest iteration, Toyota redefines the Prius, transcending its traditional emphasis on efficiency to present the plug-in hybrid as a stylish statement with commendable performance.

2024 Toyota Prius Prime Release Date

· Available at your nearest Toyota dealership since Fall of 2023.

What are the Competitors of the 2024 Toyota Prius Prime?

Among plug-in hybrids, the Prius Prime stands out in its size class with limited direct competitors.

  • Larger plug-in hybrid SUVs, like the Hyundai Tucson, Kia Niro, Kia Sorento, and Toyota's RAV4 Prime, serve as alternatives.

  • While these SUVs may not match the Prius Prime's EV range or fuel efficiency, they offer more passenger and cargo space, addressing areas where the Prius falls short.

2024 Toyota Prius Prime Price

Trim-wise Pricing:

  • SE: $34,070

  • XSE: $37,320

  • XSE Premium: $40,765

Pinkywheels Recommendation: Prius Prime XSE

  • It includes key features such as keyless entry, a power tailgate, an auto-dimming rearview mirror, and heated front seats.

  • In addition to these, standard features like an 8.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system, a heated steering wheel, blind-spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, lane centering, and automatic high-beam headlights make the XSE a well-equipped and balanced choice.

2024 Toyota Prius Prime Review
2024 Toyota Prius Prime Review

2024 Toyota Prius Prime Specs

2024 Toyota Prius Prime Exterior

The 2024 Toyota Prius Prime introduces a striking exterior design that challenges the traditional perceptions of the Prius lineup. Recognized for its efficiency on the road, the latest generation, particularly the plug-in hybrid Prime variant, showcases notable enhancements. Under the hood, the Prius Prime boasts a larger 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine and a substantial 13.6-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack, forming the foundation of the new fifth-generation hybrid system. The combined power results in an impressive 220 total system horsepower.

One significant aspect is the drivetrain configuration, employing an electronically controlled continuously variable transmission (eCVT) that channels power exclusively to the front wheels. The Prime Model offers a commendable electric-only range, with 44 miles for the SE and 39 miles for the XSE and XSE Premium models. Real-world tests have showcased the Prius Prime's capability, proving its efficiency and range, making it a compelling option for those seeking a balance between a conventional gasoline vehicle and an electric one.

The exterior design of the Prius Prime has evolved to shed the traditional "ugly" tag associated with the Prius line. Its aerodynamic profile, featuring a 0.27 coefficient of drag, is attributed to the streamlined slope of the hood and windshield. This futuristic look is further emphasized by sporty elements in the lower fascia, including a gloss black finish and silver accents. The dynamic-shaped headlights, equipped with projector LEDs, contribute to the overall contemporary appearance, with unique daytime running lights and turn signal indicators.

The rear design continues the stylish theme, eliminating quirky elements from previous models. The full-length tail lights are equipped with LED elements, showcasing the modern touch Toyota has incorporated into the Prius Prime. Gloss black finishes around the wheel arches and mirrors add a sporty flair, while the wheels come in two options: 17-inch Alloys with arrow covers or 19-inch contrast alloy wheels for the XSE and XSE Premium trims.

The charging port, a distinctive feature of the Prius Prime, is conveniently located on the right side, emphasizing its plug-in hybrid nature. The integration of a 13.6-kilowatt-hour battery allows for efficient charging, taking four hours on a 240-volt outlet and 11 hours on a standard 120-volt household outlet.

2024 Toyota Prius Prime Dimensions

Exterior dimensions of 2024 Toyota Prius Prime are:

  • Wheelbase: 108.3 inches

  • Length: 181.1 inches

  • Width: 70.2 inches

  • Height: 56.3 inches

2024 Toyota Prius Prime Colors

Exterior color options for 2024 Toyota Prius Prime are:

  • Cutting Edge Silver

  • Guardian Gray

  • Maximum Yellow

  • Midnight Black Metallic

  • Reservoir Blue

  • Supersonic Red

  • Wind Chill Pearl

2024 Toyota Prius Prime Interior

Stepping inside the 2024 Toyota Prius Prime reveals a cabin that aligns with the modern and efficient ethos of the vehicle. The interior reflects a departure from the previous generation, offering a refreshing take on design and comfort. The choice of materials and attention to detail contribute to a welcoming and functional interior space.

Cabin materials vary based on trim levels, with the base SE featuring cloth seating and the XSE upgrading to Toyota's Softex leatherette seats. The faux leather material provides a realistic feel, complete with perforations for added comfort. The seats are not only aesthetically pleasing but also offer functionality, with eight-way power adjustments (manual on the SE) and two-way lumbar support. The fully-loaded XSE Premium model goes a step further by incorporating memory seating for enhanced convenience.

The interior door trim combines soft leatherette material with hard-touch plastic, offering a balance between comfort and durability. A red accent and ambient lighting strip add a touch of sophistication, creating a visually appealing dashboard. The lower section of the door trim features soft-touch plastic and a leatherette armrest, along with practical bottle storage.

Key interior features contribute to a comfortable and user-friendly driving experience. The steering wheel, featuring the latest design from Toyota's bz series, is leather-wrapped and incorporates various functionalities. Notably, the Prius Prime includes rain-sensing wipers and a heated steering wheel across all trim levels, enhancing the overall driving experience.

2024 Toyota Prius Prime Interior
2024 Toyota Prius Prime Interior

Storage and charging options inside the Prius Prime are designed with practicality in mind. The center console offers a decently sized storage space, complete with felt lining, two USB-C ports, and a wireless phone charging pad. A hidden compartment adds an element of convenience, while additional USB-C ports and a 12-volt outlet cater to diverse charging needs.

The shifter adopts a new nub-style design, allowing for seamless transitions between Drive, Reverse, and high regen mode. The center console also houses controls for drive modes, EV mode, and brake hold, emphasizing the vehicle's adaptability to different driving conditions.

Climate controls are simplified with a single-zone automatic setup, standard across all models. The XSE trim offers three-stage heated seats, with the option to upgrade to seat ventilation on the XSE Premium trim for enhanced comfort.

The infotainment system takes center stage with two display options – an 8-inch display on the SE and XSE trims and a larger 12.3-inch display on the XSE Premium or as an option on the XSE. The system supports wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, providing seamless connectivity for modern smartphone users. Additionally, audio options range from a standard six-speaker sound system to an optional JBL sound system for audiophiles seeking an elevated audio experience.

The rear seats of the Prius Prime offer a balanced combination of space and practicality. With 34.8 inches of rear legroom and 36.4 inches of headroom, the rear passengers enjoy a comfortable environment. The 60/40 split-folding rear seats add versatility to the cargo area, which boasts a spacious 20.3 cubic feet for luggage and other items.

2024 Toyota Prius Prime Powertrain

The powertrain of the 2024 Toyota Prius Prime is a key element that contributes to its impressive performance and efficiency. As a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV), the Prius Prime features a sophisticated powertrain that seamlessly integrates electric and gasoline components to optimize fuel economy and minimize emissions.

Hybrid System: The 2024 Prius Prime incorporates a fifth-generation hybrid system, building upon Toyota's extensive experience in hybrid technology. At the core of this system is a 2.0-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine, which works in conjunction with an electric motor. This combination results in a robust total system horsepower of 220, providing a responsive and dynamic driving experience.

Battery Pack: A significant component of the Prius Prime's powertrain is its 13.6-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack. This larger capacity allows the Prius Prime to operate in electric-only mode for a considerable distance, contributing to reduced fuel consumption and lower emissions during short trips or city driving. The battery pack can be conveniently charged through both standard household outlets and faster, dedicated charging stations.

Electric-Only Range: One of the standout features of the Prius Prime is its electric-only driving capability. The SE model offers an electric-only range of 44 miles, while the XSE and XSE Premium models provide a slightly reduced range of 39 miles. This means that for shorter commutes and local trips, the Prius Prime can operate solely on electric power, further reducing its environmental impact.

eCVT Transmission: Power from the hybrid system is transmitted to the front wheels through an electronically controlled continuously variable transmission (eCVT). This transmission ensures smooth and efficient power delivery, optimizing the balance between the gasoline engine and electric motor based on driving conditions. The eCVT contributes to the overall performance and fuel efficiency of the Prius Prime.

Regenerative Braking: The Prius Prime features regenerative braking technology, which converts kinetic energy during braking into electrical energy to recharge the battery. This system not only enhances overall energy efficiency but also helps extend the electric-only driving range. It reflects Toyota's commitment to incorporating innovative technologies that go beyond traditional gasoline-powered vehicles.

2024 Toyota Prius Prime Performance

The 2024 Toyota Prius Prime is not only renowned for its fuel efficiency and eco-friendly features but also for its surprisingly spirited performance. With a focus on delivering a well-rounded driving experience, the Prius Prime's performance aspects include powerful acceleration, agile handling, and responsive controls.

Acceleration and Power: Equipped with a robust powertrain, the Prius Prime stands out as the fastest Prius model to date. The combination of a 2.0-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine and a potent electric motor results in a total system horsepower of 220. This power output propels the Prius Prime from 0 to 60 mph in an impressive 6.6 seconds, making it a quick and dynamic option in the hybrid segment. The electric motor's immediate torque delivery contributes to a swift acceleration experience, particularly in electric-only mode.

Electric-Only Driving: One of the defining features of the Prius Prime is its ability to operate in electric-only mode. With an electric-only range of 44 miles for the SE model and 39 miles for the XSE and XSE Premium models, drivers can enjoy silent and emissions-free driving during shorter trips or in urban settings. This electric-only capability enhances the overall performance profile of the Prius Prime, providing a smooth and quiet ride.

Performance Modes: To cater to different driving preferences and conditions, the Prius Prime offers multiple driving modes. Drivers can select from Normal, Eco, Power, and EV modes, allowing them to prioritize efficiency, performance, or electric-only driving based on their needs. These modes provide a customizable driving experience that aligns with the driver's preferences.

2024 Toyota Prius Prime 0-60

· 2024 Prius Prime reaches 0 to 60 mph in an impressive 6.6 seconds.

2024 Toyota Prius Prime Top Speed

· Top speed of 2024 Prius Prime is limited at 112 mph.

2024 Prius Prime Specs
2024 Prius Prime Specs

2024 Toyota Prius Prime Models

2024 Toyota Prius Prime Trim Levels and Standard Features:

Prius Prime SE:

The base Prius Prime SE offers a solid set of standard features, including:

  • 17-inch alloy wheels with covers

  • LED headlights

  • Cloth upholstery

  • Height-adjustable front seats

  • Heated steering wheel

  • Automatic climate control

  • Keyless entry (driver's door only) and keyless start

  • 8-inch touchscreen

  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration (both with wireless connectivity)

  • Six-speaker audio system

In terms of safety, the SE comes equipped with Toyota Safety Sense 3.0, featuring:

  • Forward collision warning with automatic emergency braking

  • Adaptive cruise control

  • Lane keeping assistance

  • Front cross-traffic warning

Additional safety features include:

  • Blind-spot warning with rear cross-traffic warning

  • Safe exit assist

  • Automatic high beams

Prius Prime XSE

The midlevel XSE builds upon the SE's offerings, adding:

  • 19-inch alloy wheels

  • Front and rear parking sensors

  • Keyless entry (for both front doors and the rear hatch) and keyless start

  • Synthetic leather upholstery

  • Power-adjustable driver's seat

  • Heated front seats

  • Wireless smartphone charging pad

Optional features for the XSE include:

  • Fixed glass roof

  • 12.3-inch touchscreen

  • Toyota's Digital Key system (utilizing a smartphone as a key)

Prius Prime XSE Premium

The range-topping XSE Premium elevates the Prius Prime experience by adding:

  • Fixed-glass roof

  • Power hatch

  • 12.3-inch touchscreen

  • Ventilated front seats

  • Driver's seat memory settings

  • Eight-speaker JBL audio system

  • Toyota's Digital Key system

Optional features and packages for the XSE Premium encompass:

  • Solar panel on the roof

  • Heated rear seats

  • Digital rearview mirror (providing visibility even with a fully loaded cargo area)

For an enhanced driving experience, the Advanced Technology package, exclusive to the XSE Premium, offers:

  • Automatic parallel and perpendicular parking

  • 360-degree parking camera (providing a top-down view for tight parking situations)

2024 Prius Prime Range and Charging

· Electric Range: The Prius Prime boasts an impressive electric driving range of up to 44 miles, making it an ideal choice for short commutes and local trips.

· Charging Convenience: The lithium-ion battery pack can be easily charged, and the process is further facilitated by roof-mounted solar panels. These panels actively recharge the battery when the car is parked, providing a convenient and eco-friendly solution.

· Solar-Powered Accessories: While driving, the solar panels contribute to powering accessory items, including the air-conditioning system. Unfortunately, this feature is exclusive to the higher-end XSE Premium trim.

2024 Toyota Prius Prime Fuel Economy

· In combined driving scenarios utilizing both electric motors and the four-cylinder engine, the Prius Prime achieves an impressive fuel efficiency rating of 50 mpg city and 47 mpg highway according to EPA estimates.

2024 Toyota Prius Prime Safety Features

· Standard Driver-Assistance Technologies: The Prius Prime comes equipped with several standard driver-assistance technologies to enhance safety on the road.

· Optional Advanced Features: While standard features include automated emergency braking with pedestrian detection, lane-departure warning with lane-keeping assist, and adaptive cruise control, advanced options such as a surround-view camera and front/rear parking-assist systems are available as optional upgrades.

2024 Toyota Prius Prime Warranty

· Limited Warranty: Covers three years or 36,000 miles.

· Powertrain Warranty: Extends up to five years or 60,000 miles.

· Hybrid Components: Enjoy peace of mind with an impressive coverage of 8 years or 100,000 miles for hybrid components.

· Complimentary Maintenance: Toyota goes the extra mile by providing complimentary maintenance for two years or 25,000 miles, adding further value to the Prius Prime ownership experience.

2024 Toyota Prius Prime Pros and Cons


1. Striking Redesign: The 2024 Prius Prime underwent a radical transformation, shedding its previous less appealing design and emerging as a certified head-turner.

2. Powerful Hybrid System: The plug-in hybrid Prius Prime boasts a robust 220-horsepower hybrid system, offering impressive acceleration and performance.

3. Extended Electric-Only Range: With an additional 19 miles of electric-only driving range, the Prius Prime provides an eco-friendly option for short commutes and local trips.

4. Sophisticated Interior: The cabin reflects a modern and efficient ethos, with quality materials, comfortable seating, and advanced technology features.

5. Innovative Solar Charging: Roof-mounted solar panels actively recharge the battery when parked, contributing to the convenience of charging and powering accessory items.


1. Limited Rear Passenger Space: The Prius Prime's rear passenger space may feel slightly constrained compared to larger hybrid SUV alternatives.

2. Solar Charging Limited to Premium Trim: The innovative solar-powered accessory charging feature is exclusive to the higher-end XSE Premium trim.

3. Higher Starting Price: The Prius Prime's starting price is relatively higher compared to some non-plug-in hybrid competitors.

4. Noisy: When the Engine takes over.

5. Optional Safety Features: Advanced safety features, such as a surround-view camera and front/rear parking-assist systems, are optional upgrades.

2024 Toyota Prius Prime FAQs

1. What is the starting price of the 2024 Toyota Prius Prime?

· The base Prius Prime SE starts at $34,070, with higher trims like the XSE and XSE Premium commanding higher prices.

2. How much electric-only range does the Prius Prime offer?

· The SE model provides an electric-only range of 44 miles, while the XSE and XSE Premium models offer a slightly reduced range of 39 miles.

3. What are the available trim levels for the Prius Prime?

· The 2024 Prius Prime comes in three trim levels: SE, XSE, and XSE Premium.

4. Does the Prius Prime have a solar charging feature?

· Yes, the Prius Prime features roof-mounted solar panels that actively recharge the battery when the car is parked, contributing to convenient charging.

5. What is the total system horsepower of the Prius Prime's hybrid system?

· The Prius Prime's hybrid system boasts a total of 220 horsepower, providing a dynamic and responsive driving experience.

6. Is the solar-powered accessory charging available on all trims?

· No, the solar-powered accessory charging feature is exclusive to the higher-end XSE Premium trim.

7. How long does it take to charge the Prius Prime's battery?

· Charging the Prius Prime's battery takes four hours on a 240-volt outlet and 11 hours on a standard 120-volt household outlet.

8. What safety features come standard on the Prius Prime?

· Standard safety features include automated emergency braking, lane-departure warning, adaptive cruise control, blind-spot warning, and more.

9. What is the fuel efficiency rating of the Prius Prime according to EPA estimates?

· In combined driving scenarios, the Prius Prime achieves an impressive fuel efficiency rating of 50 mpg city and 47 mpg highway.

10. Are there advanced safety features available as options?

  • Yes, advanced safety features such as a surround-view camera and front/rear parking-assist systems are available as optional upgrades.

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