2025 Mazda CX 70: Price, Release date and Specs

Explore the 2025 Mazda CX 70, A Sporty and Premium Two Row SUV looks a lot like CX-90 and rides on the same 122.8-inch wheelbase as the CX-90.

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2025 Mazda CX 70 Price, Release date and Specs
2025 Mazda CX 70 Price, Release date and Specs
2025 Mazda CX 70 Price, Release date and Specs
2025 Mazda CX 70 Price, Release date and Specs
2025 Mazda CX 70 Price, Release date and Specs
2025 Mazda CX 70 Price, Release date and Specs
2025 Mazda CX 70 Price, Release date and Specs
2025 Mazda CX 70 Price, Release date and Specs

2025 Mazda CX 70 Review

A Sporty and Premium Two Row SUV

Mazda has been making waves with its exciting new product releases, and the latest addition to its lineup is the 2025 Mazda CX-70. Following the success of the three-row Mazda CX-90, Mazda introduces the two-row CX-70. Riding on a premium architecture and equipped with a host of premium features, this model aims to be a mainstream alternative to luxury SUVs like the BMW X5. Let's take a first look and explore the details.

Mazda CX 70 Price

The anticipated pricing for the 2025 Mazda CX-70 is expected to range from approximately $45,000 to $61,000, contingent on the chosen trim level and additional options. Although Mazda has yet to release specific pricing details or trim-level specifications for the Mazda CX 70, an estimation has been provided based on industry insights.

Estimated Pricing:

  • Preferred: $45,000

  • Premium: $50,000

  • Premium Plus: $54,000

  • S Premium: $57,000

  • S Premium Plus: $61,000

Mazda CX 70 Release date

2025 Mazda CX 70 debuts on January 30, 2024 , Deliveries shall begin from Fall of 2024.

What’s new in Mazda CX 70?

Mazda CX 70 comes with distinct features and enhancements to set it apart. Notable exterior modifications include blacked-out trim elements, giving the Mazda CX 70 a unique and distinguished appearance. A fresh wheel design further contributes to its individuality.

Mazda has not only differentiated the Mazda CX 70 visually but has also incorporated practical and technological updates. One noteworthy addition is the integration of Amazon Alexa, providing users with enhanced connectivity and convenience features within the vehicle. Additionally, Mazda has introduced an underfloor storage compartment in the cargo area, adding a functional aspect to the SUV's design.

2025 Mazda CX 70 Specs

Mazda CX 70 Exterior Design

The 2025 Mazda CX 70 makes a striking first impression with its exterior design, seamlessly blending sportiness and elegance. Drawing inspiration from the successful design direction set by the CX-90, the Mazda CX 70 injects a sportier flare, creating a distinctive identity within the Mazda SUV lineup.

Front End

The front end of the Mazda CX 70 commands attention with its sleek and aggressive design. Mazda takes a bold approach by blacking out signature chrome elements that traditionally outline the front grille, giving the vehicle a more assertive presence. The glossy black finish extends to an exclusive honeycomb pattern in the center of the grille, adding a touch of sophistication. The blacked-out elements create a cohesive and dynamic look, setting it apart from its predecessor, the CX-90.

Lighting Signature

The Mazda CX 70 continues Mazda's commitment to premium lighting technology. Full LED headlights, including projector LEDs in the middle, provide exceptional illumination and contribute to the vehicle's modern aesthetics. The signature daytime running lights, split into two pieces, seamlessly intersect with the grille, enhancing the overall visual appeal. The contrast between the black elements and the white model, as showcased in the video, further accentuates the CX-70's sporty and dynamic front end.

Side Profile

Moving to the side profile, the Mazda CX 70 rides on eye-catching 21-inch contrast alloy wheels, adding a touch of luxury and complementing the blacked-out window surrounds. The rear-wheel-drive architecture, inherited from the CX-90, not only provides a solid foundation for driving dynamics but also positions the Mazda CX 70 as a formidable contender in the midsize SUV segment. The inclusion of blacked-out roof rails and body-color wheel surrounds enhances the sporty and cohesive design.

Rear Design

The rear design of the Mazda CX 70 maintains the sporty and premium aesthetic that has become a signature for Mazda SUVs. A blacked-out spoiler adds a dynamic touch, hinting at the vehicle's performance capabilities. The exposed wiper contributes to the functional design while maintaining a clean and uncluttered look. The LED tail lights, reminiscent of the CX-90, provide a familiar yet refined look, with attention-grabbing turn signals that fade in and out for added visual appeal.

2025 Mazda CX 70 Dimensions

While Mazda has not disclosed comprehensive specifications and dimensions for the Mazda CX 70, drawing parallels with the CX-90 offers a reasonable estimate. Considering the CX-70's similarity to the 201-inch long CX-90, it is likely to position itself between the CX-90and the CX-50 in terms of size. An estimated length of approximately 193-195 inches seems plausible, providing a mid-sized SUV that fits within Mazda's lineup.

This positioning places the Mazda CX 70 as a distinct model, larger than the CX-5 by at least a foot. Therefore, it doesn't serve as a direct replacement for the CX-5 but rather introduces something new to Mazda's diverse SUV lineup. The anticipated dimensions suggest a well-balanced size, offering a compromise between the spaciousness of the CX-90 and the more compact design of the CX-50. Mazda enthusiasts can look forward to the official release of specifications, providing a clearer understanding of the CX-70's size and capabilities.

2025 Mazda CX 70 Interior
2025 Mazda CX 70 Interior
2025 Mazda CX 70 Interior
2025 Mazda CX 70 Interior
2025 Mazda CX 70 Cargo
2025 Mazda CX 70 Cargo
2025 Mazda CX 70 Interior
2025 Mazda CX 70 Interior

Mazda CX 70 Interior

Stepping inside the Mazda CX 70 reveals a premium environment, emphasizing comfort and style. The interior features an exclusive red Napa leather option, adding a sporty touch that sets it apart from the CX-90. The front seats offer ample adjustments, including two-way lumbar support and memory seats. The cabin materials showcase Mazda's commitment to luxury, with padded armrests, leather, and unique trim details.

The interior houses a 12.3-inch partially digital gauge cluster, with full digital options available on certain trims. The steering wheel is leather-wrapped and offers heating options. Interior storage includes a center console with felt lining, two cup holders, and wireless charging. The Mazda CX 70 features Mazda's signature rain-sensing wipers, adding a touch of convenience.

Mazda CX 70 Infotainment and Technology

The CX-70 comes equipped with Mazda's latest infotainment system, featuring a 12.3-inch display. Notably, it is the first Mazda model to integrate Alexa, enhancing hands-free functionality. The infotainment system includes built-in navigation, wireless Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay. Upper trim levels offer a premium Bose sound system.

Interior Comfort and Practicality

The rear seats offer a generous amount of space, with around 392 inches of legroom. The available red leather interior, exclusive to the CX-70, adds a touch of luxury. Rear passengers enjoy features such as rear vents, USB ports, heated rear seats, and their climate control.

Mazda CX 70 Cargo Space

The cargo area is versatile, with a power tailgate for convenience. While official cargo space details are pending, the Mazda CX 70 is expected to offer ample room behind the second row, showcasing Mazda's commitment to practical design. The rear seats fold down electronically, providing a flat and spacious cargo area.

Mazda CX 70 Engine Options

Under the hood, the 2025 Mazda CX 70 offers a premium experience with its 3.3L Skyactiv inline-6 cylinder engine. Turbocharged and featuring a 48V mild hybrid system, it delivers robust performance. Two power outputs are likely, with 280 horsepower on the lower end and 340 horsepower on the upper end, paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission. The rear-wheel-drive architecture enhances driving dynamics.

For those prioritizing fuel efficiency, Mazda introduces a plug-in hybrid variant. Combining a 2.5L 4-cylinder engine with a 17.8 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, it offers a total output of approximately 323 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque. This variant provides an environmentally conscious option without compromising on performance.

Mazda CX 70 Fuel Economy

The estimated fuel economy, similar to the CX-90, stands at an impressive 24 City / 28 Highway / 25 Combined MPG. The plug-in hybrid variant combines performance with efficiency, catering to diverse preferences.

Mazda CX 70 Safety Features

While official safety details are yet to be released, Mazda traditionally includes active safety features as standard. Expect the CX-70 to continue this trend, providing a comprehensive suite of safety technologies including:

  • Standard automated emergency braking with pedestrian detection

  • Standard blind-spot monitoring

  • Standard adaptive cruise control

Mazda CX 70 FAQs

  1. What is the expected starting price for the 2025 Mazda CX-70?

    The anticipated starting price for the CX-70 is estimated to be around $45,000, with higher trims reaching up to $61,000.

    When will the 2025 Mazda CX-70 be available for purchase?

    The CX-70 is set to debut on January 30, 2024, with deliveries expected to begin in the fall of 2024.

    What sets the CX-70 apart from the CX-90?

    The CX-70 distinguishes itself with a sportier exterior design, blacked-out elements, a new wheel design, Amazon Alexa integration, and an underfloor storage compartment in the cargo area.

    Does the CX-70 offer a plug-in hybrid variant?

    Yes, Mazda introduces a plug-in hybrid variant for the CX-70, combining a 2.5L 4-cylinder engine with a 17.8 kWh lithium-ion battery pack for environmentally conscious driving.

    What safety features can be expected in the CX-70?

    While official details are pending, Mazda traditionally includes standard safety features such as automated emergency braking with pedestrian detection, blind-spot monitoring, and adaptive cruise control in its vehicles.


2025 Mazda CX-70 combines sporty design, premium features, and advanced technology, positioning itself as a compelling choice in the midsize SUV market. Stay tuned for more details as Mazda releases comprehensive specifications and pricing information in the coming months. If you're a fan of Mazda's commitment to blending performance and luxury, the CX-70 is worth keeping an eye on!

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