BMW Digital Key

BMW Digital Key allows you to lock, unlock, and start your BMW. Easily create the digital key through the My BMW app for added convenience.

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BMW Digital Key
BMW Digital Key
BMW Digital Key
BMW Digital Key

BMW Digital Key

What is the BMW Digital Key?

The BMW Digital Key revolutionizes the way you access your vehicle by seamlessly integrating your compatible iPhone, Google Pixel, or Samsung Galaxy smartphone as a substitute for the traditional key fob. Experience the ease of locking and unlocking your car by holding your smartphone to the driver's side door handle. On newer BMW models, a simple approach to the vehicle with your smartphone is all it takes to unlock it.

For those moments when you prefer not to rely on your smartphone, the BMW Digital Key offers an alternative. You can activate a BMW Digital Key Card – an NFC key designed like a credit card – for effortless storage in your wallet.

iPhone users enjoy the added benefit of sharing their Digital Key with up to five friends or family members. Remarkably, this sharing capability extends to individuals without a BMW Connected Drive account or the My BMW App installed. The shared keys can come equipped with optional "Driving Restrictions," allowing customization such as top-speed limiting and setting the maximum radio volume.

Embrace the future of vehicle access with the BMW Digital Key, offering unparalleled convenience and flexibility to suit your lifestyle.

What is the BMW Digital Key Card and how to use it?

The Key Card is an NFC card functioning as an independent vehicle key. It comes inactive with your vehicle and can be activated or deactivated as needed. Useful for services or parking, activate it with a classic vehicle key or an active digital key via the smartphone tray. Remember not to leave an active key card in the vehicle.

BMW Digital Key Card Activation:

Follow these steps to activate the Digital Key with the key card:

1. Identification: The key card often features BMW branding, making it easily recognizable. In the case of the M sport model, it may have M branding. Place the key card on the wireless phone charging pad to begin the activation process.

2. Prompt: Once the card is detected, a prompt on your phone's screen will notify you of an inactive key being detected. Simply click the "activate" option, and the process is complete.

3. Accessibility: With the key card activated, it can be conveniently stored in your wallet, providing you with keyless entry to your BMW. The simplicity of this process is noteworthy, requiring just a few steps for hassle-free activation.

Smartphone Activation:

Activating the Digital Key on your smartphone involves a slightly more elaborate process but offers additional features such as sharing access with others. Here's a detailed breakdown:

1. BMW App Setup: Open the BMW app on your smartphone. Look for the option to set up the Digital Key, which typically appears as a pop-up or within the app's menu.

2. Ownership Confirmation: To ensure security, the app may prompt you to confirm your ownership by having both sets of keys inside the vehicle.

3. Biometric Verification: A crucial security step involves biometric verification. This could include using your fingerprint or setting up a PIN, adding an extra layer of protection to the Digital Key.

4. Wallet Integration: The Digital Key can be integrated into popular mobile wallets like Samsung Wallet (for Galaxy phones) or Apple Wallet (for iPhones). Choose your preferred wallet and follow the prompts for integration.

5. Wireless Charging Pad Registration: Similar to the key card, the smartphone's Digital Key requires registration on the wireless phone charging pad inside the vehicle. This step is crucial for security and ensures a seamless connection between your phone and the car.

Sharing Access:

The smartphone version of the Digital Key allows you to share access with up to five additional people. This feature proves valuable when lending your car temporarily, as you can grant access and deactivate it later, eliminating the need for physical key exchanges.

Which BMW Models Are Compatible With the BMW Digital Key?

The BMW Digital Key is compatible with 2021 and newer BMW models for those with Apple devices.

BMW Digital Key Models (Apple Devices Only)

  • BMW 2 Series: 2021-

  • BMW 3 Series: 2021-

  • BMW 4 Series: 2021-

  • BMW 5 Series: 2021-

  • BMW 8 Series: 2021-

  • BMW iX: 2022-

  • BMW i4: 2022-

  • BMW i7: 2023-

  • BMW X5: 2021-

  • BMW X6: 2021-

  • BMW X7: 2021-

  • BMW Z4: 2021-

How safe is the BMW Digital Key?

The BMW Digital Key ensures robust security measures. Your digital key is securely stored on the Secure Element of your smartphone. Additionally, the use of both NFC and ultra-wideband (UWB) technology establishes immediate proximity between the sender and receiver in a tamper-proof manner.

This combination of secure storage and advanced communication technologies provides a high level of protection for your Digital Key, enhancing the overall security of access to your BMW.

What happens when my smartphone needs charging?

Even when your smartphone needs charging, you can still use it to unlock and start your BMW vehicle. In the event of a low battery, your smartphone automatically switches to power-saving mode. With the appropriate settings, you can continue using it as a key for several hours after the battery is low. This ensures that you have access to your vehicle even in situations where your smartphone requires charging.

How do I ensure the secure transfer of digital keys when selling my BMW?

To ensure the secure transfer of digital keys:

  • Delete your vehicle completely from your BMW ID.

  • This action will automatically remove all digitally created keys associated with your vehicle.

  • Use a classic vehicle key the next time you access your BMW after deleting it from your BMW ID.

Taking these steps will help safeguard your digital keys and ensure a smooth transition when transferring ownership of your BMW.


In conclusion, activating the BMW Digital Key, whether using the key card or smartphone, is a user-friendly process that seamlessly integrates modern technology into your driving routine. The added convenience of keyless entry and sharing access makes it a worthwhile feature for BMW owners seeking a sophisticated and secure driving experience. If you found this guide helpful, engaging, or informative, be sure to engage with the content by liking, commenting, and subscribing for more insightful car content and tech updates. Drive safely and enjoy your BMW with the enhanced Digital Key features!