Hondata FlashPro

The Hondata FlashPro: Key features include a programmable ECU interface, OBDII diagnostic port connectivity, live tuning, extensive datalogging, FlashPro Manager software.

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Hondata Flashpro
Hondata Flashpro

Hondata FlashPro

Hondata FlashPro is designed to enhance standard Honda engine computers (ECUs) by incorporating additional features and extending the ECU's capabilities, especially in applications like forced induction. These enhancements can be implemented through either a reflash or a fully tunable system.

The Hondata FlashPro comes with its own set of strengths. Instant jailbreaking sets it apart, allowing users to start flashing tunes without prolonged downtime. The tuner supports advanced features like traction control and rolling anti-lag, adding a layer of sophistication to the tuning process. However, it lacks the flashy touchscreen but compensates with constant updates to stay in sync with user needs.

While the Hondata FlashPro doesn't boast a touchscreen, its practicality and reliability shine through. It supports traction control and flex fuel, catering to users looking for a more comprehensive tuning solution. The two stored tunes might seem limiting, but the constant updates from Hondata suggest a commitment to staying ahead in the tuning game.

Key Features of Hondata FlashPro:

1. Programmable ECU Interface:

· Tailor your Civic's performance to your preferences with a user-friendly programmable ECU interface.

2. OBDII Diagnostic Port Connectivity:

· Connects effortlessly via the OBDII diagnostic port, ensuring a hassle-free tuning experience.

3. USB 2.0 Connection:

· Utilize the USB 2.0 connection to link your laptop or desktop with the FlashPro for convenient tuning.

4. No ECU Modification Necessary:

· Enjoy the benefits of advanced tuning without the need for any ECU modification.

5. Live Tuning:

· Fine-tune your Civic in real-time, adjusting parameters for optimal performance.

6. Extensive Datalogging:

· Benefit from 20 hours of onboard datalogging memory, providing comprehensive insights into your engine's behavior.

7. Security Password:

· Ensure the safety of your tuning configurations with a security password feature.

8. FlashProManager Windows Software:

· Access the powerful FlashProManager software on your Windows system for seamless tuning.

9. Diagnostic Code Management:

· Check and clear diagnostic codes effortlessly with the FlashPro.

10.Custom Laptop Gauges:

· Personalize your tuning experience with custom laptop gauges for a visual representation of key metrics.

11.Dual Calibration Storage:

· Store and easily switch between two calibrations, providing flexibility for different driving conditions.

Hondata FlashPro Price

· $695

The FlashPro empowers you to optimize your Car’s performance for various upgrades, including intakes, exhausts, higher octane fuel, and increased boost levels. The FlashPro Manager software includes pre-built calibrations, ensuring a seamless fit for different modifications.

Best Datalogging Capability:

Experience unparalleled datalogging capability and industry-leading support. Connect your FlashPro to understand your engine's nuances and responses like never before. It's the ultimate tool to enhance your tuning knowledge.

Reliability and USA Manufacturing:

Designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA, the FlashPro undergoes rigorous testing and quality control before shipping. Benefit from a reliable tuning solution that grows with you as you upgrade your engine. With live tuning capabilities, your tuner can now fine-tune your car faster and more accurately.

The FlashPro:

Connecting to your laptop via a USB cable and to your car through the diagnostic port, the FlashPro opens up a world of possibilities for your Honda. Whether you're looking to load new calibrations or data log your engine computer, the FlashPro has you covered.

Hondata Flashpro
Hondata Flashpro

Hondata FlashPro Installation

Step by Step Guide

Note: Before starting the installation, make sure you have a laptop with Windows (or Bootcamp on Mac) and a stable internet connection.

Step 1: Unboxing the FlashPro

1. Open the FlashPro package and locate the FlashPro module.

2. Also, find the USB Type A to B connector and, if needed, a USB dongle (ensure it's USB 3.0 for optimal performance).

Step 2: Downloading Software

1. Visit the Hondata website on your computer.

2. Under the "Software" tab, download the latest FlashPro Manager software.

3. Complete any required verification steps on the website.

4. Install the downloaded software on your computer.

Step 3: Connecting FlashPro to Laptop

1. Connect one end of the USB cable to the FlashPro module.

2. Connect the other end to your laptop's USB port.

Step 4: Updating Drivers

1. Open the FlashPro Manager software.

2. Check if the drivers are installed; if not, download them from the Hondata website.

3. Ensure your laptop recognizes the FlashPro (a checkmark should appear at the bottom of the software).

Step 5: Registering FlashPro

1. Click on "FlashPro" at the top of the software.

2. Select "Register." Enter your personal information as prompted.

3. Choose your country and click "Register."

4. An internet connection is required for registration.

Step 6: Calibration Selection

1. Exit the registration screen.

2. Go to "Calibrations" and select a suitable calibration based on your requirements.

· Options include MAP sensor-based tunes, emissions-specific tunes, and more.

3. Click "OK" to load the chosen calibration.

Step 7: Adjusting Parameters

1. In the "Calibrations" section, navigate to various parameters like fuel, ignition, VTEC, etc.

2. Modify parameters based on your preferences, keeping in mind the engine's specific needs.

3. Save your calibration as needed.

Step 8: Locking FlashPro to Vehicle

1. Click "Online" at the top and select "Lock to Vehicle."

2. Input your vehicle's VIN or allow FlashPro to retrieve it via the OBD2 port connection.

3. Confirm the lock. FlashPro is now synced to your vehicle.

Step 9: Uploading Calibration

1. Click "Upload" to transfer the calibration to FlashPro.

2. Follow the on-screen instructions.

3. Once completed, turn off the ignition for three seconds.

Step 10: Verifying Installation

1. Turn the ignition back on.

2. Confirm the FlashPro Manager software displays successful flashing.

3. Close the software and disconnect the FlashPro from your laptop.

Congratulations! Your Vehicle is now equipped with the Hondata FlashPro, unlocking new possibilities for tuning and performance.

Hondata FlashPro Pros and Cons


  • Instant jailbreak for minimal downtime.

  • Supports traction control and flex fuel.

  • Rolling anti-lag for advanced tuning.

  • Constant updates from Hondata, staying current with user needs.


  • No touchscreen display; relies on a laptop for tuning.

  • Limited to two stored tunes.

  • The head unit app interface might not be as visually appealing as K-Tuner's.

Hondata FlashPro FAQs

1. What is Hondata FlashPro? Hondata FlashPro is designed to enhance standard Honda engine computers (ECUs) by adding features and expanding capabilities, particularly for forced induction. It offers reflash and fully tunable system options.

2. What are the strengths of Hondata FlashPro? Instant jailbreaking for quick tune flashing, support for features like traction control and rolling anti-lag, and regular updates for staying current.

3. Does Hondata FlashPro have a touchscreen? No, it doesn't have a touchscreen. However, it compensates with constant updates and practicality.

4. What features does Hondata FlashPro support? Key features include a programmable ECU interface, OBDII diagnostic port connectivity, USB 2.0 connection, live tuning, extensive datalogging, security password, FlashProManager software, diagnostic code management, custom laptop gauges, and dual calibration storage.

5. What is the price of Hondata FlashPro? The Hondata FlashPro is priced at $695.

6. How does Hondata FlashPro benefit vehicle performance? It optimizes performance for various upgrades, such as intakes, exhausts, higher octane fuel, and increased boost levels. The FlashPro Manager software includes pre-built calibrations for different modifications.

7. Where is Hondata FlashPro manufactured? The FlashPro is designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA, undergoing rigorous testing and quality control.

8. What is the installation process for Hondata FlashPro? The installation involves unboxing, downloading software, connecting to a laptop, updating drivers, registering FlashPro, selecting and adjusting calibrations, locking FlashPro to the vehicle, uploading calibration, and verifying installation.

9. What are the pros of Hondata FlashPro? Instant jailbreak, support for advanced tuning features, rolling anti-lag, and constant updates.

10. What are the cons of Hondata FlashPro? No touchscreen, limited to two stored tunes, and a potentially less visually appealing app interface compared to some competitors like K-Tuner.


Hondata FlashPro is a potent tool for elevating the performance of standard Honda ECUs. Boasting an immediate jailbreaking feature, it enables swift tuning without extended downtime. While lacking a touchscreen, consistent updates reflect Hondata's commitment to user needs. The FlashPro's practicality shines with support for advanced features like traction control and flex fuel. Though limited to two stored tunes, ongoing improvements suggest Hondata's dedication to staying ahead. With key features like live tuning, extensive datalogging, and USA manufacturing, it caters to enthusiasts seeking reliable and customizable tuning solutions. The installation process, outlined step-by-step, ensures a seamless integration into your vehicle. In essence, the Hondata FlashPro is a cutting-edge, reliable ally for optimizing Honda performance.

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