2024 Tesla Model 3 Reviews, Specs and Prices

2024 Tesla Model 3 - Impressive range, with the long-range version reaching 678 kilometers. Expected to go on sale in USA during late 2023 with deliveries in early 2024.

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2024 Tesla Model 3

This is the new Tesla Model 3, and it has changed around 50 of the parts on this car to make it more stylish, aerodynamic, efficient, luxurious, comfortable, and safer.

Key Highlights of All new 2024 Tesla Model 3

  • Sleeker design with slimmer LED headlights and redesigned front.

  • Upgraded interior with personalizable central dash panel.

  • Enhanced noise reduction and improved material quality.

  • Upgraded suspension for better comfort and handling.

  • Brighter and more responsive infotainment touchscreen.

  • Airway 2.0 ventilation system with individual controls.

  • Upgraded 17-speaker stereo system for better audio.

  • Rear passenger entertainment screen for movies and games.

  • Improved aerodynamics for greater efficiency (0.219 CD).

  • Impressive range, with the long-range version reaching 678 kilometers.

  • Expected to go on sale in Europe in October 2024, Next will be USA during late 2023 with deliveries in early 2024.

2024 Tesla Model 3 Exterior

Front End Transformation

Let's start off with the stylish bit. So one of the big changes here at the front are to the lights. They're now slimmer and sleeker than before and have more prominent LED daytime running lights. They've got a bit more Audi with the headlights. Also, they've done away with the old fog lamp and the vent at the side here. Now you just got this one big central vent. I think the car looks a little bit more aggressive than before, less fish-like.

Side Profile Enhancements

From the side, the Model 3 is very similar to before because this is actually a mid-life facelift, not an all-new car. However, there are some new alloy wheel designs. So you get 18 and 19 inches, and the 19s, which is what these are, have these special slats inserted there, which make the wheels look a little bit larger than normal. Also, there are two new paint schemes: an ultra-red, which is very similar to what you get on the new Tesla Model S, and then this stealth gray, which is pretty nice.

Rear Redesign

Finally, around the back, there are some new tail lights, and they're no longer split like on the previous car. That means that when you open the tailgate, the lights go completely. Also, this low part of the bumper has been redesigned as well, and you've got these fog lights integrated into them.

2024 Tesla Model 3 Availability and Pricing

Release and Pricing

  1. Standard Range RWD: Starting at an estimated $42,000, this base model provides a budget-friendly entry point.

  2. Long Range AWD: Priced at around $49,000, this variant offers enhanced range and all-wheel drive capabilities.

  3. Performance: For those seeking top-tier performance, the Performance model is available at approximately $55,000.

The car will go on sale in Europe in October. However, in the USA, before the end of 2023, with deliveries starting sometime in early 2024.

Red 2024 Tesla Model 3 (Front view)
Red 2024 Tesla Model 3 (Front view)

2024 Tesla Model 3 Interior

Updated Dashboard and Controls

Here on the inside, there is a new dash design. The general idea is the same with this large landscape screen and the very minimalist dash. However, the design of it is different. You've got LED lighting up there. This panel here, you can actually personalize it with different materials and colors. You've got this big central vent. Also, the steering wheel is different. So now you've got the indicators on there, so there are no stalks at all on this car.

Improved Material Quality

Other changes include a redesign of the center console. They've got these aluminum bits here to make it feel a bit more expensive. Tesla claims they have improved the quality of the materials inside. This car does feel a little bit better than before.

Enhanced Noise Insulation

The improvement in quality isn't just for show. Tesla chose the materials for their ability to absorb noise as well because one of the ways to make the car quieter and more comfortable to travel in is to stop noises vibrating around the cabin. Also, there's stopping noise entering the cabin in the first place.

Comfort and Convenience

Advanced Noise Reduction

So, the old Model 3 had acoustic glass on the windscreen and the front windows, but now it has it on the rear windows and the back window. They've also fitted more sound insulation to the car. There's also a little uptick in the bonnet to help deflect wind over the windscreen. Also, what they've done is fitted some new tires specifically developed for this car, which reduce road noise.

Improved Suspension

Another way Tesla has tried to make this Model 3 feel more luxurious is to improve the suspension. So the old Model 3 was pretty good at dealing with bigger bumps but it would tend to fidget over imperfections in the road.

2024 Tesla Model 3 Technology

Brighter and Responsive Display

Obviously, Tesla has updated the technology on the Model 3. So you've got a new screen. The dimensions are the same as before, and the processor behind it is the same as before, but the screen itself is now brighter and more responsive.

Airway 2.0 Ventilation System

You've also got the new Airway 2.0 system. So that's the ventilation system which has been upgraded, and now, unlike before, you can actually turn off the passenger air system if you want to or turn it on again.

Connectivity and Entertainment

Improved Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Tesla has also improved the Bluetooth in this car. So before, you had one central system with a collection of microphones. Now you have two systems, one on each side, so you should have better audio for phone calls. They've also improved the Wi-Fi connectivity.

Enhanced Stereo System

Another thing they've done is updated the stereo for even more bass and punch, and it now has 17 speakers instead of 14 speakers as before. You've got wireless charging here, and underneath the center console, there is a USB-C port which can charge at 65 watts so you can actually charge a laptop off it.

Rear Passenger Experience

Entertainment Screen for Rear Passengers

The big news is this screen here for rear passengers, so they can do things like control the stereo, the climate control here in the rear, and they can even watch movies and play games on that screen.

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2024 Tesla Model 3 Interior
2024 Tesla Model 3 Interior
Tesla model 3 on a charger
Tesla model 3 on a charger

Tesla Model 3 EV Performance

The Model 3 demonstrates the typical characteristics of electric vehicles with its impressive power and performance. Its electric motor delivers a swift and seamless acceleration, providing strong and silent punch right from the start. In some trims, the speed is exceptionally fast. For instance, the rear-wheel-drive Long Range model achieved 0 to 60 mph in a mere 5.1 seconds, while the Model 3 Performance version takes it even further, reaching 60 mph in an astounding 3.5 seconds, outpacing our long-term Model 3 Long Range by 0.5 seconds.

Thanks to Tesla's innovative design, the Model 3 places its battery beneath the floor, resulting in a low center of gravity. This design enhances its handling capabilities, making it agile and composed during sharp turns and cornering. The steering is accurate and well-balanced, and drivers have the option to choose from three different settings to adjust the level of steering effort to their preference.

The ride quality strikes a balance between firmness and comfort, ensuring a smooth experience for occupants. However, since there's no engine noise to mask it, some road noise can be heard inside the cabin as the tires interact with pavement imperfections. Despite this, the overall driving experience of the Model 3 remains captivating, with its impressive acceleration, stable handling, and responsive steering leaving a lasting impression.

  • Model 3 Range:

  • Base Rear-Wheel Drive Model: Estimated driving range of 344 miles.

  • Long Range Model: Estimated driving range of 421 miles.

  • Performance Model: Estimated driving range of 380 miles.

  • Model 3 Charging Options:

  • Superchargers: Tesla's fast-charging network for convenient and rapid charging.

  • DC Public-Charging Stations: Adapters available for using public DC charging stations.

  • 240-Volt Outlets: An option for home charging to replenish the battery.

  • 120-Volt Outlets: Another home-charging option, though slower than the 240-volt option.

  • Home-Charging Station: Dedicated home-charging solution for added convenience.

2024 Tesla Model 3 Range & Efficiency Improvement

Enhanced Efficiency and Range

The final major thing that Tesla has changed on this car is the efficiency. Now, they actually haven't done anything to the motors nor the batteries. However, they have been able to improve the car's efficiency by up to eight percent while improving aerodynamics.

Impressive Range So what does the efficiency improvement mean for the car's range? Well, the rear-wheel-drive version will be capable of 554 kilometers, and the dual motor long-range version 678 kilometers.

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Red 2024 Tesla Model 3 parked by the lake
Red 2024 Tesla Model 3 parked by the lake