2023 Chevrolet Bolt EV Review, Pictures Specs

2023 Chevrolet Bolt EV , affordable EV compact SUV, Spacious interior, an enjoyable driving experience,0-60 in 6.9 seconds ,impressive range of 278 miles


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6/28/20236 min read

2023 Chevrolet Bolt EV Review, Specs

Chevy Bolt EV remains a top contender in the affordable EV market, offering a spacious interior, an enjoyable driving experience, and an impressive range.

Table of Contents:

  • Performance

  • Comfort

  • Interior

  • Technology

  • Range

  • Variants

  • Pros & Cons

  • Experts Recommendation

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Artistic Description of the 2023 Chevrolet Bolt EV 1LT: A Symphony of Performance, Control, and Elegance

The Chevrolet Bolt showcases a horsepower of 200 and a torque of 266, ensuring a dynamic and exhilarating driving experience. With its electric motor, the Bolt delivers instant torque for quick acceleration, making it a thrilling choice for the road.

The Drive:

  • The Bolt EV dances with grace and power, effortlessly gliding from 0 to 60 mph in a mere 6.9 seconds, showcasing its swift prowess among its peers.

  • Seamlessly merging onto freeways or overtaking with confidence, this electric marvel ensures a thrilling ride.

  • With brakes that are both consistent and responsive, controlling your speed becomes an art form. The option to embrace the single-pedal mode, utilizing regenerative braking for deceleration, enhances both effortlessness and range.

  • For those seeking to maximize energy recuperation, an additional regen braking paddle on the steering wheel beckons, enabling a symphony of efficiency.

  • The Symphony of Control:

  • As the conductor of your journey, the Bolt EV responds harmoniously to every touch of the steering wheel, gracefully translating your intentions into a fluid motion.

  • The sublime tactile connection between driver and machine ignites a symphony of confidence, as the road unwinds before you.

  • Embracing straightaways, the Bolt EV maintains unwavering composure, liberating the driver from constant vigilance.

  • As the road curves and twists, this masterpiece exhibits its nimble nature, allowing you to navigate with unwavering certainty, like a dancer in perfect harmony.

Chevy Bolt EV Price

  • 1LT: $27,495

  • 2LT: $30,695

Chevy Bolt EV Comfort

  • The front seats of the Bolt EV have undergone a transformation, now offering adequate cushioning that embraces your body on long road trips, sparing you from the discomfort of yesteryears.

  • While the seats provide respite, a touch of additional thigh bolstering would further enhance the embrace of luxury, ensuring a seamless fusion of style and comfort.

  • Yet, it's worth noting that the Bolt EV's ride quality occasionally dances on a lively rhythm, struggling to tame the impact of pavement cracks and sharp-edged potholes, presenting a busy and choppy experience.

  • Serenity in Motion:

  • When the road unveils its smooth canvas, the Bolt EV glides gracefully, offering a serene experience that soothes the senses.

  • Enhanced climate controls add a touch of elegance, inviting simplicity and ease of use. They find harmony between the responsive touchscreen and the physical buttons beneath the screen, presenting a redundant symphony of control.

  • In the 2LT trim, a standard feature awaits, gifting you with heated front seats and steering wheel, welcoming warmth and comfort during colder journeys.

  • Within the Bolt EV's cabin, tranquility reigns supreme. Shielded from the winds of external chaos, the quiet interior becomes your sanctuary, as wind noise gracefully fades into the background.

Chevy Bolt EV Interior

Here are the interior dimensions of the Chevrolet Bolt:

  • Front Headroom: 40.1 inches

  • Rear Headroom: 37.9 inches

  • Front Legroom: 44.2 inches

  • Rear Legroom: 35.6 inches

  • Front Shoulder Room: 54.6 inches

  • Rear Shoulder Room: 52.8 inches

How’s the interior? Optimized Comfort and Intuitive Controls: Revel in the Spaciousness of the 2023 Chevrolet Bolt EV 1LT

  • Intuitive Control Layout:

  • The 2023 Chevrolet Bolt EV 1LT presents thoughtfully arranged controls, inviting a seamless connection between driver and technology.

  • A handy volume knob and tune buttons grace the left side of the touchscreen, ensuring effortless control over your auditory experience.

  • Transitioning from its predecessor, the Bolt EV embraces a row of buttons for transmission controls, offering a modern touch that swiftly becomes second nature.

  • Configurable Digital Instrument Panel:

  • Discover a world of information at your fingertips as the configurable digital instrument panel showcases vital details like battery status, driver efficiency, and power output.

  • With a glance, stay connected to the heartbeat of your Bolt EV, effortlessly accessing the information that matters most.

  • Embracing Space:

  • Unlock a world of comfort as the Bolt EV's wide-opening doors welcome you into its sanctuary.

  • Surprising in its spaciousness, this electric marvel defies expectations with a tall roofline extending to the rear hatch.

  • While the cabin's width may be slightly narrow, rest assured that ample head- and legroom ensure a comfortable journey.

  • Peek-a-boo windows unveil a new perspective, granting visibility beyond the front roof pillars, while an optional 360-degree camera system enhances your surroundings, aiding in maneuverability and safety.

Chevy Bolt EV Technology

Seamless Connectivity and Advanced Safety: Embrace the Tech-Savvy Features of the 2023 Chevrolet Bolt EV 1LT

  • Enhanced Connectivity:

  • The 2023 Chevrolet Bolt EV 1LT ensures a tech-forward experience with standard wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility.

  • Seamlessly integrate your smartphone, accessing your favorite apps and features with ease.

  • While an integrated navigation system is not available, the convenience of smartphone integration systems fulfills your in-car navigation needs.

  • Responsive Touchscreen and Convenient Ports:

  • The Bolt EV's generous touchscreen invites effortless interaction, responding to your commands promptly.

  • Embrace connectivity with standard front USB ports, including both a regular USB and a USB-C port, catering to your charging and device compatibility needs.

  • Opting for the 2LT trim rewards rear passengers with additional ports, ensuring everyone stays connected and powered.

  • Advanced Safety Features:

  • The 2023 Bolt EV 1LT prioritizes safety with standard forward collision mitigation and lane-keeping assistance.

  • Drive with peace of mind, knowing that these driver aids are present to help keep you safe on the road.

  • For an elevated safety experience, the 2LT trim brings forth blind-spot warning and a surround-view camera system, granting a comprehensive view of your surroundings.

  • While these driver aids generally perform well, it's worth noting that the optional adaptive cruise control (available for the 2LT) may apply brakes a tad late when using the closest distance setting.

Chevy Bolt EV Range

  • Impressive Range and Efficiency:

  • The EPA estimates that the Bolt EV can travel an impressive 259 miles on a single charge, surpassing many competitors in its segment.

  • With an estimated return of 100 miles per 28 kWh of electricity used, the Bolt EV demonstrates exceptional efficiency for its cost.

  • The Bolt EV showcased its prowess by traveling 278 miles on a single charge, achieving an even more efficient rate of 25.7 kWh per 100 miles.

  • Compared to rivals such as the Nissan Leaf (237 miles) and the Mini SE (150 miles) in testing, the Bolt EV holds a clear advantage in terms of range.

  • Upgraded Charging Capability:

  • The Bolt EV is equipped with an upgraded dual-level charge cord, offering flexibility between Level 1 (120-volt) and Level 2 (240-volt) charging options.

  • However, to fully utilize the new Bolt's more powerful 11-kW onboard charger (upgraded from 7.7 kW), dedicated wall charging hardware is required, as the included cord's maximum capacity is 7.2 kW.

  • It's important to note that the Bolt EV's fast-charging speed tops out at 55 kW, meaning more time will be spent at a DC fast-charging station to recharge the battery compared to rival EVs that can charge at a faster rate, sometimes twice or even three times as quickly.

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Chevy Bolt EV TRIMS

The 2023 Chevrolet Bolt is available in two trims, each offering a range of features to cater to different preferences. Here's a breakdown of the key features for each trim:


  • LED headlights

  • DC fast-charging capability (50 kW)

  • 17-inch alloy wheels

  • Keyless entry with push-button start

  • 10.2-inch central display screen

  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration with wireless connectivity

  • Six-speaker sound system

  • Single-zone automatic climate control

  • Forward collision mitigation and braking

  • Lane keeping assistance

Optional packages for the 1LT include:

  • Comfort and Convenience package:

  • Power-adjustable driver's seat

  • Heated front seats

  • Heated and leather-wrapped steering wheel

  • Auto-dimming rearview mirror

  • Driver Confidence package:

  • Blind-spot warning with rear cross-traffic warning

  • Rear parking sensors

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Features of the 1LT trim plus:

  • Roof rails

  • Leather seats

  • Surround-view camera system for enhanced visibility during parking maneuvers

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Optional packages for the 2LT include:

  • Infotainment package:

  • Seven-speaker Bose audio system

  • Wireless phone charging pad

  • Additional USB ports

  • Adaptive cruise control (requires Infotainment package)

Choose the trim that suits your needs, whether it's the 1LT with its essential features or the 2LT with additional enhancements like roof rails, leather seats, and a surround-view camera system. Personalize your Bolt EV further with optional packages, such as the Infotainment package for premium audio and wireless charging, and adaptive cruise control for added convenience on the road.


  • Big on value

  • Spacious cabin

  • Good visibility


  • Ride can get choppy on rough pavement

  • Relatively slow DC fast-charging capability

  • Cargo area is a bit small

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Which Variants Experts recommend?

Opt for the 2LT trim of the Bolt to unlock an array of desirable features and options, elevating your driving experience. Not only does it enhance the tech offerings, but it also opens doors to exclusive features not available in the 1LT model.

  • Infotainment Package:

  • The 2LT trim introduces the coveted Infotainment package, which includes a range of enhancements.

  • Enjoy the immersive sound quality of the upgraded Bose stereo, allowing you to indulge in a rich audio experience.

  • Gain a comprehensive view of your surroundings with the inclusion of a surround-view camera system, providing added safety and convenience.

  • The addition of a wireless charging pad ensures effortless charging for compatible devices, freeing you from the tangle of cords.

  • Additional USB ports expand connectivity options, allowing you and your passengers to stay charged and connected.

  • Adaptive Cruise Control:

  • Simplify your journey through traffic with the inclusion of the adaptive cruise control system.

  • This feature enhances your driving experience, providing ease and convenience during congested situations, making traffic jams more manageable.

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