2024 Kia Sportage Hybrid Price, Release date and Specs

Discover the 2024 Kia Sportage Hybrid SUV: Turbo power, class-leading cargo space, and fuel efficiency. Rated up to 42 mpg city, 44 mpg highway.

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2024 Kia Sportage Hybrid

Kia Sportage Hybrid - Key Features

• Robust Turbocharged Hybrid powertrain generating 227 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque • Standard All-wheel Drive for enhanced traction and stability • Expansive panoramic sunroof that brings the outdoors in • Dual 12.3-inch panoramic displays offering immersive navigation and information • Stylish 18-inch matte gray alloy wheels adding a distinctive touch • Comprehensive 360° Surround View Monitor for heightened situational awareness • Innovative Blind-Spot View Monitor for confident lane changes • Immersive Harman Kardon® Premium Audio system for an unparalleled sound experience • Impressive Performance Metrics:

  • 0-60 mph: 7.7 seconds

  • 1/4-mile: 15.6 seconds @ 89.2 mph

  • 60-0 mph braking: 124 feet

  • Skid pad performance (200-ft. diameter): 0.84 lateral g

  • Idle sound level: 43.6 dB

  • Sound level at 70 mph cruise: 64.6 dB

The presence of the Kia brand in America for nearly three decades is hard to believe. Since its launch in the U.S. back in 1994, Kia has gradually evolved and established its place in the automotive market. One of the nameplates that debuted with Kia in the U.S. was the Sportage. Fast forward to 2023, and the Sportage has undergone a complete transformation, now in its fifth generation. This latest iteration is larger, more powerful, and more luxurious than ever before. Additionally, it introduces the first-ever hybrid electric version, marking a significant step forward for the Sportage.

In this review, we delve into the details of the 2024 Kia Sportage SX Prestige hybrid. This model aims to offer a blend of value and efficiency, making it a potential contender for families seeking a new SUV. From its redesigned exterior to its hybrid powertrain, we'll explore how the latest Sportage performs and competes in the competitive SUV segment.

What's new in 2024 Kia Sportage?

Following a significant overhaul in the previous year, the 2024 Kia Sportage introduces more subtle changes.

  • Airbags are now incorporated for enhanced safety in the second-row seats.

  • LED projector headlights are included as standard equipment across all Sportage models, contributing to improved visibility and modern aesthetics.

White 2024 Kia Sportage Hybrid on the road
White 2024 Kia Sportage Hybrid on the road

Kia Sportage Hybrid Exterior

The 2024 Kia Sportage showcases a bold and polarizing design. Built on the corporate N3 architecture, shared with the Hyundai Tucson, the Sportage boasts a distinctive front end characterized by the latest version of Kia's signature "tiger nose" grille. The grille has evolved over the years, becoming larger, wider, and more prominent. The Sportage features eye-catching design elements, such as gloss black texturized geometric shapes within the grille, along with LED daytime running lights and turn signals. The SX Prestige trim includes sleek LED fog lights cleverly integrated into the lower front fascia.

The Sportage's silhouette highlights its increased size, with the fifth generation being notably larger than its predecessors. This expansion provides more interior space and cargo capacity. The wheels, fitted with 18-inch matte gray finish alloys wrapped in 235/60 R18 tires, enhance the vehicle's presence on the road. The SX Prestige trim adds to the upscale feel with available panoramic glass roofing and low-profile roof rails.

At the rear, the design continues to captivate with unique LED taillights, complete with LED turn signals, reverse lights, and brake lights. The tailgate proudly displays the new Kia logo, and the hybrid electric variant is marked by an "HEV" badge. The rear lower bumper trim features a skid plate-like design, emphasizing the vehicle's SUV character.

Kia Sportage Hybrid Interior

The interior of the 2024 Kia Sportage reflects a harmonious blend of modern design and advanced technology. The cabin ambiance is refined, with high-quality materials adorning surfaces that both look and feel premium. The cabin's layout is driver-focused, with controls within easy reach and an uncluttered center console. Soft-touch materials, complemented by metal and gloss-black accents, create an upscale feel.

Kia Sportage Hybrid Technology

One of the standout features in the Sportage is the cutting-edge infotainment system, built around dual 12-inch displays. The digital instrument cluster presents a wealth of information in a customizable layout, allowing drivers to personalize their driving experience. The center touchscreen hosts the latest version of Kia's UVO infotainment system, known for its user-friendly interface and responsive touch controls. The system includes features like navigation, smartphone integration, Bluetooth connectivity, and more. The integration of physical knobs for volume and climate control is a user-friendly touch appreciated by many.

The Sportage offers an impressive array of driver assistance technologies, encompassing adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, a surround-view monitor, and parking assist. The functionality of these features in real-world scenarios is commendable. The adaptive cruise control maintains suitable distances without incessant brake intervention, while the collision systems delivered accurate alerts without any false alarms. Notably, the Smart Park feature enables the Sportage to be effortlessly maneuvered into or out of parking spaces using the key fob – an impressive and convenient feature that adds a touch of novelty.

Kia Sportage Hybrid Comfort

The 2024 Sportage prioritizes passenger comfort and practicality. The SX Prestige trim comes equipped with heated and ventilated front seats, clad in supple Carmine red syntax faux leather. The power-adjustable seats offer 12-way settings for personalized comfort, and the memory function ensures that your preferred settings are easily accessible. The rear seats, offering ample legroom, are designed to comfortably accommodate adults on longer journeys.

Cargo space is a strong point for the Sportage as well. The rear seats can be conveniently folded down to create a flat loading floor, expanding the cargo capacity significantly. With up to 74 cubic feet of available space, the Sportage offers ample room for luggage, groceries, or larger items, making it suitable for both daily errands and weekend adventures.

2024 Kia Sportage Hybrid with snowy mountains in the background
2024 Kia Sportage Hybrid with snowy mountains in the background

Kia Sportage Hybrid Performance

The 2024 Kia Sportage SX Prestige hybrid is powered by a well-engineered hybrid powertrain. The 1.6-liter turbocharged gasoline engine, paired with two electric motors, ensures a balanced blend of power and efficiency. The powertrain's total output of 227 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque translates to smooth and responsive acceleration. The Sportage offers a composed and refined ride, soaking up road imperfections while maintaining stability through corners.

Kia Sportage Hybrid Fuel Efficiency

In terms of fuel efficiency, the Sportage hybrid performs admirably. With an average of around 42 mpg in the city and 44 mpg on the highway, it's a frugal choice for daily commuting and longer trips. The hybrid system seamlessly transitions between electric and gasoline power, contributing to the overall efficiency. Additionally, the Sportage offers selectable drive modes that allow the driver to tailor the driving experience to their preferences, whether it's optimizing for fuel economy or a more dynamic driving feel.

2024 Kia Sportage Hybrid Interior
2024 Kia Sportage Hybrid Interior

Kia Sportage Hybrid models

The 2024 Kia Sportage Hybrid is a compact SUV that's offered in three trim levels: LX, EX and SX Prestige. It's powered by a turbocharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine mated to a hybrid system. The total system output is 227 horsepower. You have a choice of front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive in the base LX trim, but the EX and SX Prestige are only available with AWD.


The base Sportage Hybrid comes equipped with these key features:

  • 17-inch wheels

  • LED headlights

  • Digital instrument panel

  • Keyless entry

  • Height-adjustable driver's seat

  • Dual-zone automatic climate control

  • 8-inch touchscreen display

  • Six-speaker audio system

  • USB-C media/charging port

  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

  • Power-adjustable outside mirrors

  • Rear parking sensors

  • Automatic windshield wipers

  • Automatic emergency braking (warns if a front impact is imminent and applies the brakes if you don't respond in time)

  • Lane departure warning (alerts you if the vehicle begins to drift out of its lane)

  • Lane keeping system (makes minor steering corrections to help keep the vehicle centered in its lane)

  • Driver attention warning (issues an alert if sensors determine you are becoming fatigued)

  • High-beam assist


Stepping up to the midlevel EX trim adds:

  • 18-inch wheels

  • All-wheel drive

  • Heated outside mirrors

  • Roof rails

  • Simulated leather seating

  • Heated front seats

  • Power-adjustable driver's seat

  • Heated steering wheel

  • 12.3-inch touchscreen display

  • Dual USB-C charging ports (front and rear)

  • Wireless smartphone charging pad

  • Keyless entry and ignition

  • Blind-spot intervention (automatically steers the car back into its lane if you try to change lanes while a car is in the vehicle's blind spot)

  • Rear cross-traffic alert (warns you if a vehicle behind you is about to cross your path while you're in reverse)

  • Safe exit assist (can prevent passengers from opening a door into traffic approaching from behind)

The EX Premium package is available only on the EX trim and includes:

  • Panoramic sunroof

  • Hands-free tailgate

  • LED interior lighting

SX Prestige

The range-topping trim includes the EX Premium package and adds these luxury and tech features:

  • Upgraded LED headlights

  • LED fog lights

  • Heated windshield and windshield washer nozzles

  • Black exterior trim

  • Upgraded digital instrument panel

  • Upgraded simulated leather

  • Power-adjustable front passenger seat

  • Driver's seat memory function

  • Ventilated front seats

  • Eight-speaker Harman Kardon audio system

  • Front parking sensors

  • Navigation-based adaptive cruise control

  • Highway Driving Assist

  • Rear automatic braking

  • Surround-view camera system

  • Remote parking assist

  • Blind-spot view

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2024 Kia Sportage Hybrid off-roading
2024 Kia Sportage Hybrid off-roading

Driving the 2024 Kia Sportage Hybrid

Driving Modes

The 2024 Kia Sportage Hybrid offers multiple driving modes to suit various scenarios. These modes include Eco, Sport, Smart, and Snow. Each mode adjusts the SUV's performance parameters to provide different driving experiences.

  1. Eco Mode: This mode is designed for maximum efficiency. It optimizes the powertrain and other systems to prioritize fuel economy. It's great for everyday commuting or long highway drives when you want to conserve fuel.

  2. Sport Mode: In contrast, Sport mode focuses on delivering a more dynamic and responsive driving experience. It adjusts the power delivery, throttle response, and possibly other factors to make the SUV feel more powerful and engaging. It's perfect for when you're on winding roads or want a more spirited drive.

  3. Smart Mode: This mode is likely a balance between Eco and Sport modes. It adapts the car's performance based on your driving behavior and the current road conditions. It's like having a system that automatically adjusts the car to give you the best of both efficiency and performance.

  4. Snow Mode: This mode is specially designed to provide better traction and stability on slippery surfaces. It might adjust the throttle response, transmission, and other relevant systems to ensure a safer drive on snow-covered or icy roads.

Hybrid Powertrain

The hybrid powertrain is a key highlight of the Sportage Hybrid. It seamlessly combines power from the electric motor and the gasoline engine. This transition between electric and gas power is smooth and imperceptible, offering both efficiency and power as needed. The hybrid system might also intelligently decide when to use electric power, gas power, or a combination of both, further optimizing efficiency.

Comfortable Ride Quality

Along with its performance features, the 2024 Kia Sportage Hybrid provides a comfortable ride quality. This means that whether you're driving on city streets or cruising on the highway, the SUV's suspension and design help absorb road imperfections, resulting in a smooth and comfortable ride for you and your passengers.

Overall, this part of the subtitles emphasizes that driving the 2024 Kia Sportage Hybrid is not just about getting from point A to point B; it's about tailoring your driving experience according to your preferences and the driving conditions. Whether you're focused on efficiency, performance, or adaptability to changing road conditions, the Sportage Hybrid's features aim to provide an enjoyable and capable driving experience.

2024 Kia Sportage Hybrid facing the hills
2024 Kia Sportage Hybrid facing the hills

2024 Kia Sportage Hybrid Price

The 2024 Kia Sportage Hybrid comes with a starting price of $29,965, and its cost varies up to $45,465 based on the chosen trim and optional features.

Here's a breakdown of the pricing:

  • LX: $29,965

  • EX: $33,665

  • SX Prestige: $38,865

  • X-Line PHEV: $40,965

  • X-Line Prestige PHEV: $45,465

Kia Sportage Hybrid Colors

  • Steel Gray

  • Fusion Black

  • Snow White Pearl

  • Gravity Gray

Seat Trim Options:

  • Saturn Black Woven Cloth

  • Saturn Black Woven Cloth

Kia Sportage Hybrid Dimensions

Exterior Dimensions

  • Length: 183.5 inches

  • Width: 73.4 inches

  • Height without roof rails (FWD): 65.4 inches

  • Height without roof rails (AWD): 66.1 inches

  • Wheelbase: 108.5 inches


  • Front Track: 63.8 inches

  • Rear Track: 64.1 inches

Ground Clearance:

  • Ground Clearance (FWD): 7.1 inches

  • Ground Clearance (AWD): 8.3 inches

Approach Angles:

  • Approach Angle (FWD): 17.5 degrees

  • Approach Angle (AWD): 19.9 degrees

Departure Angles:

  • Departure Angle (FWD): 25.5 degrees

  • Departure Angle (AWD): 26.6 degrees

Breakover Angles:

  • Breakover Angle (FWD): 17.2 degrees

  • Breakover Angle (AWD): 19.3 degrees

Blue 2024 Kia Sportage Hybrid parked sideways indoor
Blue 2024 Kia Sportage Hybrid parked sideways indoor

Kia Sportage Hybrid Safety Features

The latest Sportage model introduces an array of both standard and optional driver-assistance advancements. These encompass a spectrum of features, including navigation-linked adaptive cruise control and a remote parking capability reminiscent of Hyundai's Smart Park system. Comprehensive crash-test results can be accessed through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) websites. The Sportage's key safety offerings consist of:

  • Standard forward-collision warning and automated emergency braking

  • Standard lane-departure warning and lane-keeping assist

  • Optional blind-spot monitor and rear cross-traffic alert

Kia Sportage Hybrid Warranty

Kia takes pride in its industry-leading warranty plans, featuring the most extended powertrain warranty available. Nonetheless, it doesn't encompass the complimentary maintenance packages offered by rivals like Toyota and its corporate counterpart, Hyundai.

  • Limited warranty spans 5 years or 60,000 miles

  • Powertrain warranty extends to 10 years or 100,000 miles

  • No provision for complimentary scheduled maintenance

2024 Kia Sportage Hybrid Pros and Cons


· Impressive and Unique Exterior Style

· Luxurious and comfortable interior

· Spacious interior with a lot of cargo space

· Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid models are available

· off-road capability

· Large touchscreen display


· Weak acceleration from the base engine

· Too-Soft suspension

What is the mpg for a 2024 Kia Sportage Hybrid?

42 mpg in City and 44 mpg on the highway

The 2024 Kia Sportage Hybrid, when equipped with front-wheel drive, achieves an impressive fuel efficiency rating of up to 42 mpg in city driving conditions and 44 mpg on the highway. However, the plug-in hybrid model, as rated by the EPA, achieves slightly lower figures, with 36 mpg in the city and 35 mpg on the highway.

How far can a Kia Sportage hybrid go on a full tank?

520 miles

2024 Kia Sportage Hybrid can go approx. 520 miles on a full tank.

How long does the battery last in a Kia Sportage hybrid?

15 years

The battery in a Kia Sportage hybrid is expected to last for around 15 years or up to 150,000 miles, whichever comes first.

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White 2024 Kia Sportage Hybrid front view
White 2024 Kia Sportage Hybrid front view