2024 Toyota GR86

The 2024 Toyota GR86 impresses with quicker acceleration, going 0-60 mph in 5.4 seconds, due to its 228 hp 2.4-liter engine.

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2024 Toyota GR86 Review
2024 Toyota GR86 Review
2024 Toyota GR86 Interior
2024 Toyota GR86 Interior
2024 Toyota GR86 Review
2024 Toyota GR86 Review
2024 Toyota GR86 Review
2024 Toyota GR86 Review

2024 Toyota GR86 Review

Cars like the Toyota GR86 are a rare breed in today's automotive landscape. While it shares its mechanical DNA with the Subaru BRZ, affordable rear-wheel-drive coupes are a dwindling species amidst the sea of SUVs and crossovers. The GR86 packs a punch with its 228-horsepower flat-four engine. While a six-speed automatic transmission is an option, the best choice is to go with the car's standard six-speed manual gearbox. The rear seats of this compact Toyota coupe aren't for carpooling but offer extra cargo room once you've filled up the trunk. With sharp steering and nimble handling, the GR86 promises an enjoyable driving experience, and the best part is it comes at an affordable price.

In the 2024 model year, Toyota is delivering an exhilarating experience with the GR86. They're introducing two exciting options. First, there's the exclusive GR86 TRUENO Edition, boasting a nostalgic two-tone appearance in your choice of Halo and black or Track Red and black. Additionally, there's the all-new Performance Package featuring SACHS Dampers and Brembo Brakes, which comes as standard equipment on the TRUENO Edition and can be added as an upgrade package for GR86 models.

2024 Toyota GR86 Price

  • Base: Estimated at $30,000

  • Premium: Estimated at $33,000

  • Trueno Edition: Estimated at $38,000

Standard equipment on the Premium includes:

  • Heated seats

  • Stylish 18-inch wheels with summer performance tires

  • Adaptive LED headlights

  • A superior eight-speaker audio system

  • The six-speed manual transmission is the clear choice for enthusiasts.

Toyota GR86 Dimensions

  • Wheelbase: 101.4 inches

  • Length: 167.9 inches

  • Width: 69.9 inches

  • Height: 51.6 inches

  • Passenger Volume: 78 cubic feet

  • Trunk Volume: 6 cubic feet

  • Curb Weight: 2,838 pounds

Toyota GR86 Interior

The GR86's interior is all about the driving experience. The low dashboard enhances forward visibility, and the digital instrument panel is easily readable at a glance.

  • Taller Driver-Friendly: The small steering wheel is a standout feature, allowing taller drivers to enter and exit the coupe comfortably. However, it's important to note that the GR86's lower ride height and longer doors can make ingress and egress a bit more challenging than some more practical performance cars, like the Volkswagen GTI.

  • Space and Comfort: The GR86's compact dimensions limit interior room, but front passengers, particularly taller individuals, will find it quite comfortable. Taller drivers will appreciate the ample space and adjustability compared to the tighter quarters of the Miata. The rear seats are better suited for storing items rather than accommodating passengers.

Toyota GR86 Technology

  • Tech Features: The GR86 comes with a decent array of tech features. It includes standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for smartphone integration but lacks a built-in navigation system.

  • Connectivity: Two quick-charging USB ports in the center armrest allow you to stow your smartphone conveniently while driving. The center touchscreen's graphics may not be award-winning, but the system is user-friendly and responsive to touch inputs.

  • Audio System: The audio system, while not a top priority in a sports car, struggles to keep up with interior noise levels and may strain at moderate volumes. There's room for improvement here.

  • Driver Aids: The GR86 is equipped with several advanced driver aids, including adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning. Its traction and stability systems are well-tuned for daily driving. Drivers can engage the Track mode, which relaxes the systems for more dynamic control, or turn them off entirely.

Toyota GR86 Storage

  • Practicality: The GR86 offers surprising practicality for everyday errands. Its relatively small 6.3 cubic feet of trunk space, hindered by its short height, can still hold a set of the car's replacement wheels and tires when the seats are folded down. For comparison, the Miata's trunk can handle 4.3 cubic feet, while the larger Mustang boasts 13.3 cubic feet of cargo space.

  • Interior Storage: The GR86 provides a small but practical amount of storage inside. The cupholders are positioned well behind the driver's right arm, ensuring they won't be in the way while driving. The rear seats are great for stowing bags, jackets, or items you don't want loose in the trunk. However, fitting a reasonably sized child safety seat in and out of the car is a significant challenge.

Toyota GR86 Engine and Transmission

  • The GR86 is equipped with a naturally aspirated horizontally opposed four-cylinder engine sourced from Subaru.

  • In the previous generation, it had decent acceleration, clocking 0-60 mph in 6.2 seconds. However, the latest GR86 boasts improved performance, achieving 0-60 mph in 5.4 seconds and covering the quarter-mile in 14.0 seconds, thanks to a more powerful 2.4-liter engine producing 228 horsepower.

  • The standard transmission is a six-speed manual, offering an engaging driving experience, while a six-speed automatic is available as an option.

  • During our initial test drive, the upgraded engine delivered livelier performance and a more satisfying sound. The GR86's exceptional handling provided thrills on both the road and the Monticello Motor Club race track.

  • Despite its impressive handling capabilities, the suspension offers a comfortable ride suitable for daily driving.

Toyota GR86 Performance

Manual Transmission:

  • 0-60 mph: 5.4 seconds

  • 0-100 mph: 13.8 seconds

  • 1/4-Mile: 14.0 seconds at 101 mph

  • Rolling Start, 5-60 mph: 6.5 seconds

  • Top Speed (C/D estimated): 140 mph

  • Braking, 70-0 mph: 156 feet

  • Braking, 100-0 mph: 325 feet

Automatic Transmission:

  • 0-60 mph: 6.1 seconds

  • 1/4-Mile: 14.7 seconds at 97 mph

  • 0-100 mph: 15.6 seconds

  • Rolling Start, 5-60 mph: 6.4 seconds

  • Top Speed (C/D estimated): 135 mph

  • Braking, 70-0 mph: 153 feet

  • Braking, 100-0 mph: 319 feet

Driving the Toyota GR86

· The GR86 impresses with exceptional handling and steering feel, especially with high-performance summer tires. It offers a fine balance between grip and confidence. However, its somewhat stiff suspension can make it less comfortable on bumpy roads.

· Braking: The GR86 exhibits strong stopping power, coming to a halt from 60 mph in just 104 feet, which is impressive for an affordable performance car.

· Acceleration (Manual Transmission): Equipped with a manual transmission, the GR86 accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in a quick 5.4 seconds. The shifter is precise, and the pedals are well-positioned for smooth heel-and-toe downshift rev-matching. The clutch pedal is light and easy to use.

· Acceleration (Automatic Transmission): Opting for the automatic transmission results in slightly slower acceleration (6.1 seconds). It is, however, more convenient in heavy traffic, equipped with paddle shifters and quick downshifts when Track mode is selected.

· Comfort: The GR86 features slightly stiffer suspension tuning compared to the Subaru BRZ. While it may feel more exciting at lower speeds, the constant motion and jittering can become fatiguing during extended drives. The manually adjustable seats offer improved bolstering for the upper back without being overly restrictive. Dual-zone climate control is a thoughtful addition, ensuring both front passengers' comfort.

· Noise Levels: The GR86 tends to be on the noisy side, with constant and pronounced road and tire noise. Engine noise, unfortunately, can be more bothersome than evocative.

Toyota GR86 Fuel Economy

· Impressive Fuel Efficiency: The GR86, despite its sporty nature, delivers good fuel efficiency.

· Automatic Transmission: The automatic transmission version is rated at 25 mpg combined by the EPA, and real-world testing even exceeded this, achieving 28 mpg.

· Manual Transmission: Opting for the manual transmission still provides reasonable fuel economy, with an EPA estimate of 22 mpg combined and an actual 23 mpg on a real-world route, confirming the accuracy of the EPA's figures.

2024 Toyota GR86 Models

The 2024 Toyota GR86 is available in three distinct trim levels, catering to a range of preferences:

GR86 Base

  • 17-inch alloy wheels

  • Six-speed manual transmission

  • Limited-slip rear differential for improved traction

  • Heated, power-adjustable exterior mirrors

  • Keyless entry with push-button start

  • Dual-zone climate control

  • Leather-wrapped tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel

  • Cloth seats

  • 7-inch digital instrumentation panel

  • 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system

  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration

  • Satellite radio (subscription required after the trial period)

  • Connected services (subscription required after the trial period)

  • Six-speaker audio system

  • Comprehensive safety suite, including adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, and automatic high-beam headlights

GR86 Premium

  • 18-inch matte black wheels

  • High-performance summer tires

  • Adaptive headlights for improved illumination in curves

  • Distinctive duckbill-style rear spoiler

  • Aluminum pedals

  • Synthetic suede seats with leather bolsters

  • Heated front seats

  • Enhanced eight-speaker audio system

  • Blind-spot warning system

  • Rear parking sensors

  • Rear automatic braking to prevent collisions with obstacles behind the vehicle

  • Available Performance package with ZF Sachs dampers and Brembo brakes for refined handling and braking performance

GR86 Trueno Edition

  • Inspired by the 1980s Corolla GT-S, the Trueno Edition is a limited offering.

  • Available in Halo (white) or Track bRed (red) color options

  • Includes the Performance package features

  • Unique black hood wrap

  • Distinctive Trueno Edition side stripes

  • Striking black duckbill spoiler

  • Exclusive black 10-spoke 18-inch wheels

  • Red leather seat accents

  • Trueno Edition shift knob

  • Each vehicle is numbered with a dash plaque

  • Limited to 860 cars

Toyota GR86 Safety Features

Toyota equips the 2024 GR86 with a comprehensive set of safety and driver-assistance technologies:

  • Standard automated emergency braking

  • Standard lane-departure warning

  • Standard adaptive cruise control

Toyota GR86 Warranty

The GR86's warranty and maintenance coverage adds peace of mind:

  • Standard limited warranty: Three years or 36,000 miles

  • Powertrain warranty: Five years or 60,000 miles

  • Complimentary maintenance: Two years or 25,000 miles

Toyota GR86 Pros and Cons


· Rare Sports Car: The Toyota GR86, along with its Subaru BRZ sibling, stands out as one of the few affordable rear-wheel-drive coupes in a market dominated by SUVs.

· Punchy Engine: The GR86 packs a punch with its 228-horsepower flat-four engine, offering a satisfying level of power for a car in this class.

· Manual Transmission: Enthusiasts will appreciate the availability of a six-speed manual gearbox, providing an engaging driving experience.

· Sharp Handling: The GR86 shines with its superb handling, offering precise steering and balance. High-performance summer tires provide excellent grip.

· Affordable: Despite its sporty attributes, the GR86 remains reasonably priced, making it accessible to a broader range of buyers.


· Limited Rear Seats: The rear seats are more suitable for extra cargo space than passengers, which might not be practical for those who occasionally need to carry passengers.

· Stiff Ride: The somewhat stiff suspension can make for a less comfortable ride, especially on bumpy roads, which might be fatiguing on longer journeys.

· Road Noise: The GR86 tends to be noisy, with pronounced road, tire, and engine noise, which might be less enjoyable for daily driving.

· Lacks Native Navigation: While it offers Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the car lacks a built-in navigation system.

· Limited Engine Options: The GR86's sole engine choice is the flat-four, which might limit options for those seeking more variety in performance.

Toyota GR86 FAQs

1. What is the starting price of the 2024 Toyota GR86?

  • The base model of the 2024 Toyota GR86 is estimated to start at around $30,000.

2. Does the 2024 Toyota GR86 come with a manual transmission option?

  • Yes, the GR86 offers a six-speed manual transmission, providing an engaging driving experience for enthusiasts.

3. Are there any performance packages available for the 2024 Toyota GR86?

  • Yes, Toyota offers a Performance Package featuring SACHS Dampers and Brembo Brakes. It comes standard on the TRUENO Edition and can be added as an upgrade for other GR86 models.

4. What is the fuel efficiency of the 2024 Toyota GR86?

  • The automatic transmission version is estimated to achieve 25 mpg combined by the EPA, while real-world testing exceeded this, reaching 28 mpg. The manual transmission version is estimated to provide 22 mpg combined by the EPA.

5. How many seats does the 2024 Toyota GR86 have?

  • The 2024 Toyota GR86 is a four-seat sports car, offering seating for up to four passengers. However, the rear seats are more suitable for additional cargo space.

6. Does the Toyota GR86 come with advanced safety features?

  • Yes, the GR86 comes equipped with a comprehensive safety suite, including adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, and automatic high-beam headlights.

7. What are the dimensions of the 2024 Toyota GR86?

  • The GR86's dimensions include a wheelbase of 101.4 inches, a length of 167.9 inches, a width of 69.9 inches, a height of 51.6 inches, a passenger volume of 78 cubic feet, and a trunk volume of 6 cubic feet.

8. Is the 2024 Toyota GR86 available in different trim levels?

  • Yes, the 2024 Toyota GR86 is offered in three trim levels: Base, Premium, and Trueno Edition, each with its own set of features and options.

9. How does the 2024 Toyota GR86's performance compare between the manual and automatic transmissions?

  • With the manual transmission, the GR86 accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in a quick 5.4 seconds. The automatic transmission version accelerates in 6.1 seconds, making it slightly slower but more convenient in heavy traffic.

10. What are the pros and cons of the 2024 Toyota GR86?

  • Some pros of the GR86 include its rarity in the market, punchy engine, manual transmission option, sharp handling, and affordability. Cons include limited rear seats, a stiff ride, road noise, lack of native navigation, and a sole engine option.